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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharmeela Farooqi's Leaked Picture from Jail in 1998

On March 12, 1998 when Usmaan Farooqi (Chaiarman Pakistan Steel Mills) was arrested in corruption cases, his wife and actress daughter Sharmeela Farooqui were also also put behind the bars for assisting Usmaan Farooqui in corruption. When the pictures of these women from jail were published in newspapers, the human Rights people got angry and MQM made hue and cry. The famous columnist Hassan Nisar had written a column titling " Dancing Sharmeela" and "Blackmailr Sharmeela". It is not actually known that what happend afterwards to Usmaan Farooqui, his wife and daughter. But , it is surely thought that same thing happend to them what has been happening to the looters, corrupt, thieves, killers and culprits of Pakistan. Released with pomp and show making "V" signs.

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