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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Bangladeshi Actress Naznin Changed Life Style And Name From Happy To Amatullah And Is Now A Islamic Preacher

Happy was weathering the Rubel scandal and part-way through shooting a new movie when the actress claimed she had an 'epiphany' that altered her life. In Bangladesh where mortality tales top bestseller lists, the real life transformation of Naznin Akhtar Happy from an actress embroiled in scandal to a fully-veiled ultra-conservative islamic preacher has prooved sensational. "From Happy To Amatullah" -or female servant of Allah- is a rare extensive interview with the reclusive young woman who only surfaces to preach a puritanical version of Islam on social media. Readers ready for celebrity intrigue and divine intervention have rushed bookstores to snap up a copy, with thousands sold since its release in June and publishers scrambling to to reprint. Bookstores have been swamped by the orders for the book from all parts of the country, because everybody wants to know what prompted her to quit celebrity lifestyle for the ordinary life of a devout Muslim. Happy was a star in Dhallywood- Bangladeshi film industry, shooting to fame in her 2013 debut " Kichu Asha, Kichu Valobasha" (Some Hopes, Some Loves). But it was controversy surrounding shock rape allegations she leveled against star fast bowler Rubel Hussain in lat 2014 that made Happy a household name across cricket-mad Bangladesh. However, after long time Happy dropped charges against Rubel saying she had forgiven her. After so long in the public eye her sudden appearance in black -burqa worn only by devout Muslim Woman fanned ever greater curiosity about young woman's life. Overnight she committed to joining "Tablighi Jamaat" -A Sunni Muslim's Islam preaching movement that boasts millions of adherent in Bangladesh and began severing all ties to her past life. Najnin Akter Happy about 2 weeks ago যখন দাড়ি, টুপি, পাঞ্জাবি/জুব্বা পরা এক লোক তার শরয়ী পর্দা করা স্ত্রীর হাত ধরে হাটে তখন সেটা হয় চোখ জুড়ানো, মন ভুলানো সুন্দর এবং পবিত্র দৃশ্য। আর যখন দাড়ি, টুপি ছাড়া, সুন্নতি লেবাসবিহীন কেউ তার হাফ প্যান্ট/ ফুল প্যান্ট/শাড়ি/হাতাওয়ালা কামিজ/হাতাছাড়া কামিজ/পাখি ড্রেস/কিরণমালা প্রভৃতি ড্রেস পরা বেপর্দা স্ত্রীকে নিয়ে হাত ধরে হাটে তখন সেটা হয় বেহায়াপনা! দেখতে কুৎসিত,কদাকর! পর্দা ফ্যাক্ট 😊 বিলিভ ইট অর নট 😊 3.8K That night she started deleting thousands of her photos of herself she posted on Facebook and cut all ties with the movie world. She wears full veil and covers her hands and toes with socks. Now, Amatullah (Her new name) turned her back to fans and stunned film industry to embrace the austerity of missionary life, retreating to an Islamic Madrassa to stydy the Quran Majeed where nobody would see even the nails of her finger. Determined to erase past entirely and cement her pious makeover, she even fought successfully to stop the release of her final film " Real Man" arguing it starred a completely different person. Najnin Akter Happy about 3 weeks ago আমার সাক্ষাতকার নিয়ে যে বইটি বের হয়েছে ইতিমধ্যে অনেকের গায়ে আগুন ধরে গেছে, কেন বইটি বের হলো এটা নিয়ে ! যাই হোক, আপনাদের আগুনে আপনারা জ্বলুন। একমাত্র আল্লাহ তায়ালাই উত্তম পরিকল্পনাকারী! এবং তিনিই সর্বশক্তিমান!আল্লাহ তায়ালা না চাইলে এই বই বের করার সাধ্য কার ছিল? কেউ কিছু করতে পারে আল্লাহ যদি না চান? আমি আমাতুল্লাহ(আল্লাহর বান্দি) কোনো ইনসানের রক্তচক্ষুকে তোয়াক্কা করি না। আমি একমাত্র আল্লাহ তায়ালাকে ভয় করি। আমার সাথে হিংসা করলে সেই হিংসার আগুন আপনাদেরকেই পুড়িয়ে ছাই করে দিবে। আর আমি এসবের উপর সবর করে আল্লাহর থেকে উত্তম পুরষ্কার নিয়ে নিব ইনশাআল্লাহ!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Former Interrior Minister Rahman Malik Appeared Before JIT and Presented HUdaibia Papers Record

Rehman Malik appeared before JIT recorded his statement about money laundering of Sharif family and as former additional director general of FIA provided important documents. He also handed over to JIT two letters written to former president Rafiq Tarar along with the documents. Talking to media he said all the proofs of investigation about Hudaibia papers money trail is present and no other proofs will be needed. I have verified all the reports as former director general of FIA. It is astonishing that Rahman Malik was posing himself very honest and innocent.

PPP Senator Babar Awan Joined PTI

Quetting PPP after 21 years Dr Babar Awan joined Imran Khan -led PTI. He said it is the time I join real opposition party. The PPP is rapidly losing its members to PTI, as former PPP leaders Firdaus Ashiq Awan, Nppr Alam Khan and Nazar Gondal recently joined PTI. Noor Alam Khan who is a close aide of Asif Ali Zardari and and former federal minister Firdaus Ashiq Awan joined PTI on May 23rd and 30 respectively. Later Nazar Gondal who served as federal minister for Capital Administration and Development joined PTI on June 6.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Labanese PM announced Engagement Of His Part Worker With His Girlfriend In Iftar Dinner (Video)

The Labanese prime minister and the chief of AlMustaqbil party announced the engagement of his party worker done it in a Iftar dinner in conference hall, where he himself was present. The participants were astonished at the event. He called Deena Daevesh on stage when she came, he called his party worker Bilal Almeer on the stage and asked him about the marriage, he had already proposed Deena. He asked Deena whether she wanted to marry Bilil, she responded positively. Then Bilal came near to presented her bouquet of flowers and put engagement ring in her finger and kissed her on forehead.

Kim And Kanye Need Surrogate Mother For The Baby

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's family may be growing, according to reports, the celebrity couple have hired a surrogate to carry their third baby after a doctor warned the realty star against another high-risk pregnancy. people Magazine said couple has hired a surrogate and couple had agreed to pay her more than $113,000 to carry to carry a child. It is however, not clear that the surrogate was already pregnant. Kim has already two children with Kanye and she has spoken openly about her medical struggles during her pregnancies with daughter and son. In a recent episode she has spoken about considering surrogacy for future children with West.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rape Victim Was Refused Arrest Of Attackers In India Until She Sex With Officer

A 37-year old Indian woman from Uttat Pradesh Province claimed that she was raped at gunpoint by two men and investigation officer refused to arrest the men Ameer Ahmad 55, and Sattar Ahmad 45 until she had sex with him. She said her requests were repeatedly ignored by office Jai Prakash Singh who instead questioned her on the lurid details of the attack and before suggesting 'she fulfills my desires'.
She said the men offered her lift from relative's home back to her home and raped her when they discovered she was alone at home. She said Singh continued harassing her and she she made secret recodings and took to police chief. Singh is under investigation now.

The Former Agent OF MI-5 Hopkins Confessed After 20 Years The Murder Of Princes Diana (Videos)

According to a British New Web Site, 80-year-old former agent of British Intelligence Agency MI-5 John Hopkins has revealed after 20 years that he had murdered Lady Diana. He confessed killing of 23 persons from 1973 to 1999 including Lady Diana. He told that among all the persons he killed Lady Diana was the only and quite a different woman. As she was the member of royal family, so his murder order were also issued by the royal family. He said Diana was kind hearted and a beautiful woman, he was too sad on killing her but he was compelled to do so as she had put the royalty in danger. He said he was revealing the secret after a ling time because his life is left a few weeks or so and he can die any time. He further revealed on this regard that after Diana's murder it was necessary to bring media on one page which was done successfully. He said no free media exists in Britain. He said he could be arrested on this revelation after 20 years but he did not care for it, it was an extremely complicated case that could run for years in the court. Because the central witness of this murder was my boss who has died in 2000, while the master mind of this plan prince Phillips would never be sentenced. Courtesy (

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Public Marriage Proposal At University Graduation Ceremony

A public marriage proposal at a graduation ceremony left the would be bride embarrassed and unimpressed. Student Assel had just collected her Master's degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. But her boyfriend Tashim stole her big moment when he ran on stage with a bouquet of red roses in one hand and a small brown box with a ring inside it in the other. The hopeless romantic recited a few lines from Maher Zain song ' For The Rest of My Life' as his girlfriend looked off to the side in horror. He said ' For the rest of my life, I will be with you and stay by your side honest and true. ' For the rest of my life, I will be loving you with honor and love, I ask will you marry me? The video footage then shows him putting the ring onto her wrong hand and attempting to kiss her- but she turns her cheek away from him. Staff and the guests at the University hall looked decidedly more excited by the proposal as they gasped and applauded the spectacle. The couple met while studying in their native Kazakhstan and both transferred over to Scotland at the same time to stay together. The boy said they were studying at the university and will marry when get back home. He said we both are from a quite conservative country so I was not trying to kiss on her lips. The biggest public display of public affection we would normally do is a kiss on the cheek.

If Nawaz Sharif Appeared Before The JIT, So What? Many World Leaders Resigned And Appeared Before Courts After Panama Leak Scandal

PM Nawaz Sharif, His sons and his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif appeared before JIT, and all are posing as they have done a great beneficence, kindness and favor to the nation, while their Kafgirs (Spoons) are also beating the drum in the same tune and singing in the same rhythem like supreme court and JIT have brutalized them and humiliated them. Though it is the great kindness of the nation and other fora that have been given the chance to Sharif Family clear themselves from the charges and present the proofs of the money and huge property they have. It is common practice of the great nation and great leaders in the world, if they are accused of any corruption or other charges they immediately resign them selves voluntarily and present themselves for accountability. Where as the matter appearing before the JIT is concerned, when the chief executive (PM) of Israel, whom we Muslims consider great enemy; can present himself before a police officer (Of the status of SHO in Pakistan) as a witness in a case and resolves to come to police station any time if called by police officer, then what is harm of PM to appear before the honourable judges and respected members of JIT, appointed by supreme court. If our "Great" parliamentarians, specially of N league do not know who were the great leaders of the great nations who resigned as soon as their names appeared in the Panamama Leak papers, then let me make them know the names of those great personalities. On April 5, 2016, the prime minister of Iceland, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsso and stepped down after his name appeared in Panama Leaks. Sigmunder and his wife had only one offshore company Wntris s. Similarly, Panama Leaks controversy foced Ukranian Prime Minister to vacate office on April 10, 2016. On april 15, 2016, Spanish industrial minister relinquished charge of his office as his name was mentioned in Leaks. Other key names who resigned on moral grounds include Chile Transparency Internationale's President, FIFA Ethics Committee member John and ABN AMRO Member of Supervisory Board Bert who resigned on April 07,2016. Accountability is always started from the upper side so that if people responsible for the fate of the nation are prooved to be dishonest and are sentenced that would be a lesson for lower class and specially for officials of different departments. Chief executive of Pakistan said once that he knew there was a lot of corruption in the country but he was so busy in developmental works that it would be wastage of time to curb corruption, what a funny? this is a great joke for the world and laughable comments. But where is the development? Are bridges and roads construction counted as development where only steel and iron is used or are there any big dams under construction to end load shedding? If a government that can not end the scarcity of electricity, how it can claim of doing developmental work.? Situation of good governance is seen nowhere. Implementation of law is far away and upper class do not care for it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Arshi Khan Released Another Controversial Video After Pakistan's Win Against India

It looks like Arshi Khan is trying to make herself second Qandeel Baloch, the queen of social media. She released another immoral and controversial video after Pakistan defeated India in Champion's Trophy final. In the video she is congratulating Pakistan in non sense manner. She also claimes to be girl friend of Shahid Afridi that the cricket star has refuted. She had announced that if Pakistan wins the match she would release a video and that she has done.

Monday, June 19, 2017

We Do Not Care If Sky Falls Or earth Crumbles While Hearing Panama Case--- Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan

We will not remain silent spectators, observes the SC while hearing Panama case. Supreme court bench overseeing the Panama Case verdict also ordered Federal Investigation Agency director-general tp probe charges that Security and Exchange Commission Of Pakistan ( SECP) chairman tempered records related to Sharif family money trail. The special bench of Supreme court was holding the proceeding over government's response to Panama case joint investigation team's charges that its probe is being impeded by certain official quarters. Justice Ejaz ul Ahsan observed that everyday government's representatives attack JIT and the apex court on various news channels He stated that they will soon issue an order related to it. The bench also warned the government to stop harassing the JIT members otherwise it will issue a strict order in this regard. The bench also directed the JIT to work according to the objectives given to it by the supreme court in the designated time frame and stop looking here and there.

Husband Forcing His Four Wives For Prostitution (Video)

Indian Media Crying And Indians Mourning And Breaking TV Sets After Shameful Defeat In Final (Video),

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wonder Woman Holds The Screen Being On to The Top Spot During The Week End (Video)

Wonder Woman, the muscular feminist superhero from Warner Bros And DC Comics, stayed strong over the weekend, easily holdong onto the top spot in North American theaters while leaving the newcomer the Mummy far behind. With $ 57.2 million in ticket sales for the three-day weekend, according to industry estimates, Wonder Woman, has taken $ 205 million in its first two weeks, elevating it to what Variety dubbed "Box Office Royalty". The well- reviewed film star Gal Gadot, she of the fast and Furious series,as Amazonian Goddess-Princess -superhero whose lasso, bracelet and tiara have magical power. Patty Jenkins became the first female director to break the $ 100 mark for an opening weekend. Universal's The Mummy was placed second but fell below the industry expectation. In third on North American screens was Captain underpants. Fifth spot went to another Disney production Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 at $ 6.2 million. Rounding out the top ten were:- *-- It comes at night ($ 6 million). *-- Baywatch (4.6 Million). *-- Megan Leavey ($ 3.8 million). *-- Alien: Convenant ($ 1.8 million). *-- Everything, everything ($ 1.6 million).

A Hindu Girl Ravita Was Forcibly Converted And Married To A Muslim Man In Tharparker (Video)

The family of a teenage Hindu girl Ravita Maghwadh in Tharparker has claimed that she was kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam and married off to a Muslim man Syed Nawaz Ali Shah. However, the girl and her husband have filed a petition in Sindh High Court seeking protection and declaring the conversion and marriage consensual. It is reported that on June 6, Ravita converted to Islam, changed her name to Gulnaz, same day she married to Shah at the marriage registrar's office in Union Council Samaro Umerkot. However, Ravita's family accused Shah of kidnapping her and lodged a FIR against him. Family also claimed that Ravita was underage and produced her primary school certificate which indicates her date of birth on July 14, 2001, showing her 16 years. The marriage register has mention Shah's date of birth as 1980, his identity card number. But Ravita's age has been written approximately 18 years and her NIC nimber has not been mentioned. Similarly, her ceritificate of conversion to Islam does not carry her date of birth as well as NIC number. NIC is not issued to people below the age of 18 years by NADRA, meaning Ravita has not been issued NIC. The law restricts the registration of people under the age of 18 years per Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act 2013.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Katy Perry Has Become The First User To Garner 100 Million Followers On Twitter (Video)

Pop singer Katy Perry has made history by becoming the first user to garner 100 million followers on Twitter, the social media platform announced. "Today we # Witness History" Twitter said in a tweet referring to the title of Perry's fifth album. "Congratulations@ Ketyperry, the first to reach 100 million followers # Live Katy. The 32-year-old singer recently lifestreamed her life for 96 hours, inviting fans to watch as she slept, cooked, did yoga, cuddled with her dog Nugget and chatted with a stream of celebrities who showed up on her door. Despite putting her life temporarily under observation with 41 cameras, Perry-born to katheryne Hudson to conservative christian parents in California, said she struggled to her life more broadly. "I built uo this Katy Perry thing that everybody knows and this is the thing they turning in and it is fantastic, but it more of a facade", she told the therapist Siri Singh. " i am human and I am living under this crazy microscope", she said, tears smudging her mascara. Singer Justin Bieber trails with just under 97 followers, while her rival pop singer Taylor swift has 85 million followers.

Rishi Kapoor's Anti_Pakistan Non-Sense Tweets Continue

Bollywood Rishi Kapoor's love for cricket has landed him in hot water. Previously, Kapoor and Son's star was shut down by Pakistanis after he mocked Pakistani team about the India-Pakistan final on June 18, even before the Indian cricket team had qualified for it. Now, the Indian cricket team will officially be competing against Pakistan on Sunday, it was expected that Rishi will return with more mean tweets and he did! The bobby actor took to Twitter yesterday after India's win against Bangladesh in semi finals, He posted, " We do not need to say anything more! Tradition of destroying opposition, as has been the case will continue, Blues are invincible" He then mocked Pakistan Cricket Board, " PCB. Cricket team bhejna please. Earlier hockey ya Kho Kho team bhejin thin. Kyon ki 18th June (Fathers Day) Baap khel raha tumhare saath lol!” Soon after Rishi's tweet, Pakistanis were back at it, giving Rishi a piece of their mind. "PCB tu phr team bhej rahi ha But BCCI , ap aessay kuttay na bhejna"

Friday, June 16, 2017

One-Wheelers Put The Life Of Their Own And Of Others In Danger People On Roads

It is astonishing that parents of those young people who do one wheeling and die or wound other people on roads, do not stop them doing so. Now, it is wondering that instead of mending themselves, 80 motorcyclists attacked traffic check post in Chandni Chauk Rawalpindi to get their fellows released, who were arrested on one-wheeling other day. One police officer was seriously injured by their firing. Now, their fathers will come and will get them released through some VIP. This is My Pakistan, ruined by new generation instead of making it powerful and prosperous Pakistan. Though all are not like these but why some?

Election Commission Has Released The asset Details Of Parliamentarians For 2016

According to the details of the assets of parliamentarians released by the election commission PM Nawaz Sharif is the richest parliamentarian having declared assets worth more than Rs one billion and 620 million, while he said he has no property in foreign countries. While PM declared the price of Jati Umra as " Four Million Rupees". The price of PM's Upper Mall Lahore property was shown worth Rs 250 million, PM has Rs 0.7 million furniture while he has pets including birds pricing Rs five million, first lady Begum Kalsoom Nawaz has jewellary pricing Rs 1.5 million. PM is the owner of three cars and two tractors. While son of PM, Hussain Nawaz has transferred more than Rs 230.5 million to foreign countries. On other side chairman PTI Imran Khan has assets of one billion 400 million rupees, he has no property outside and the price of his Bani Gala has been declared worth Rs 750 million. Imran Khan has shown Bani Gala land as a gift. The price of office in Khan house is Rs 5.9 million while his house in Zaman Park is of Rs 300 million. Imran Khan has four goats pricing 0.2 million rupees while he has no car, he had sold a car in 2016. He has investment of Rs 500 million. Imran Khan has furniture worth Rs 0.6 million. The son of Punjab CM Hamza Shahbaz has assets of Rs 350 million. The chief of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rashid has assets of 400.7 million rupees while chief of JUi Maulana Fazal Rahman has Rs 6.4 million assets. The son-law of PM Captain (R) Safdar has assets of Rs 10.42 while he did not declared the car having price of of Rs 6 million that his wife Maryam Nawaz was gifted in UAE. Safdar declared the price of his car sold in Saudi Arabia worth Rs 2 million. According to election commission the speaker of national assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has Rs 190 million, leader of PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi Rs 500 million and Jangir Tareen Rs 780 million in the form of assets. Tareen did not declare helicopter and plane in the delaration forms. However, he declared five cars in the assets. Opposition leader Khurshid Shah is having Rs 300 million as his assets, Federal minister finance Ishaq Dar has Rs 580 million and arms of Rs 23, 528 in his assets. However he said he has no property in foreign country. Chaudhry Aetezaz Ahsan has Rs 100 million of assets. Jamshed Satti is the poorest parliamentarian of all, he has neither home nor any car. CM Punjan Shahbaz Sharif has assets of Rs 330.7 million, he 20.45 million bank balance and a land cruiser worth Rs 10.45 million. He has Rs 40 million property in Pakistan while Rs 120 million flat in London. He has investment of nearly Rs 10 million.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fabiha Shirazi-- A Shining Pakistani Model

Imran Khan Submitted Money Trail Details To Supreme Court About The Purchase Of Bani Gala Land

The letters of money transaction of Laczan Burg Bank attached with the details of the money trail provided by Jamima has been submitted to the apex court with the request from Jamima that her personal information as ex wife of Imran Khan should be revealed. This letter will lighten the burden of Imran Khan.