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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This is Pakistan-- Where A Coward Person Lacking Vision and Wisdom Is Elected As Chief Executive Thrice

Atheists not believing in God if watch Pakistan that is running by greedy, selfish, the ifs, dull, having self interests, having no patriotism and is still existing after 70 years of creation will think many times about a super power that itself controls Pakistan otherwise selfish politicians would have already sold it to India. This is the Pak Army with the help of Allah who have been protecting my Pakistan, otherwise those living in London or Dubai come to Pakistan only when get power and become the master of the country. The disqualified PM could not defend himself before JIT and responded to the questions of the Jit members like a dull primary school kid. The person was weeping and crying like a child, "Mujhaey Kyoun Nikala" ( Why Was I ousted), This question he must ask from his conscious, if he has any. He who is abusing and insulting Pak Army and Judiciary does deserve any sympathy, this is lineancy of both the institutions that they have take no step because he is in very merciful condition and lost his mental capability. (The Sharif family has nothing in their favor to present to NAB so is trying to flee to England. Their names must be put in Exit Control List, however, if they get chance to escape due to many corrupt and taiters then NAP will be on the right side to confiscate his all of the property within Pakistan at least. They have so much money that Panama papers have shown a meagre amount otherwise they have bank accounts in 26 countries of the world. Manifold assets they have than shwn in panama leaks. May Allah save Pakistan from looters like them and many others still not touched.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Most Miser Landlord Of Pakistan

The 85-years old Nazir of Rajan pur who is the owner of land worth million of rupees but is very miser too. He had hidden Rs 2.1 million cash in a box that he put under the ground and used to sit on it spreading a sheet. He neither purchased clothes for himself nor gave any money to his sons and used to give Rs 30 only to his wife for daily household expenses. One day his wife and two sons getting chance of his non presence at home took his total money with them and reached to police station and said that our father has so much and does not give it for daily expenditure to their mother. . DPO files a case against Nazir and ordered SHO to keep Rs 2.1 million with Nazir's relative till he opens his bank account. Nazir has no bank account as he has no national identity card. The staff of police station got astonished when he started counting the money in the station when his money was returned to him

Friday, August 18, 2017

Aysha Glalai In National Assembly With Turban (Video)

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Daughter Of Federal Minister (PMLN) Has Converted To Hinduism abanding Islam

Daughter of MNL's federal minister, Sadia Batool, 48-years-old, married and having two young daughters has abandon Islam and converted to Hinduism. Because of her father's political position she has not disclosed her religion. For the last several years, she has been suspected worshiping her Gods. like Kali Maata. She has usually been posting pics of Hindu Gods as her display pictures on her whats app and other social media accounts. She was married to Rustam Ali who is her first cousin and belongs to Sheikh Vahin between Hasilpur and Bahawalpur. Hindu Jogis visited her house oftenly. She uses Hindi words in home like Ashnan , bhojan and Pooja etc. Her father is famous for changing political parties, he has been in Millat party, PPP, PMLQ and now is in PMLN in ruling party. He has great influence in her local area but his pollitical career is at risk. She has shifted to Capital Territory Islamabad and is living separately along with her daughters inspite his father has an official residence. Now any Maulvi can issue Fatwa for her murder declaring her Murtad.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Kate Middleton May Become Queen Of England Sooner

Palace insiders claim Prince Willian and Kate will be king and queen once Elizabeth II's reign ends.
Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future, said palace insider, noting that her royal legacy hangs in balance. She spent 65 years making sure that House of Windsor survives, while this decision being bold and surprising, is no different.
That does not mean it is easy, for anyone involved. A royal source said that her concerns lie with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, whether they will be negatively impacted. Kate had wanted to keep low profile for a few more years, she is desperate to remain a hands on mom.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

PTI's Reply To Nawaz Sharif's Funny Cries" Why Was I Ousted" All the Way To Lahore

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Maria Tor, The Sister of Aysha Gulalai Favoured Imran Khan (Video)

Maria Toorpakai said that she was happy about Imran Khan's favour for her. This is good that khan wants to keep sports and politics separate.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

25-Year-Old Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Scientist Was Crowned As Miss USA (Video)

A 25-year-old scientist representing the District of Columbia was crowned the winner of Miss USa pageant, the second consecutive year that the contestant from USA capital won the annual competition. Kara McCullough, who holds a degree in chemistry and works at US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, triumphed over 50 other contestants including first runner up Verg representing New Jersey. For her question as one of the three finalist, Kara was asked about healthcare rights and replied that affordable healthcare is a privilege for the people who held jobs. Kara also took hits for saying she does not call herself a feminist. Kara will go on to compete as US representative at the annual Miss Universe pageant.

Who Out Of 1100 Parliamentarians Fulfills The requirements of Article 62-63, Except a few

An advocate from Lahore has filed an application in Lahore High Court for the lifelong disqualification of Imran Khan and Sheikh Rashid. He claimed that they both did not fulfill the requirement of article 62, 63, may I ask the worthy lawyer, can you tell me a single name among the members of national assembly, of the four provinces and members of senate who is Sadiq and Ameen? We the Pakistani do not cast our votes in favour of religious political party's leaders but they are the only politicians who are good enough and are sadiq and ameen, they are not corrupt like the members of Jamaat e Islami JUI and other religious parties. I do not agree with the politics of MaulanaFaal, though I am his voter, due to his selfish politics, greed for power and political lies but as as as his honesty is concerned regarding corruption he is not corrupt. If he is called Maulana Diesel (ha ha ha), these are the permits of diesels he gets from each government as he in in all the government but he does not sell it but gives to transporters of tribal areas who provide transport to him and his supporters and voters during election. He has greed for money too as he likes chairmanship of Kasmir affairs committee that brings TA DA to him for foreign trips in foreign currency without any task. He does demand Ta Da in advance as he did during the era of BaNazir and Ghulam Ishaq Khan who was Finance Minister and he asked BaNazir to hand over Keys of State Bank to Maulana. However, he also demands contribution for madrassa, if he provides some jobs to youngmen. But Allah knows where does this money go as I watch his madrassa every month while having trip to Dera Ismail Khan which is incomplete yet while three palaces of (Maulana Fazal, Ata Ur Rahman and Lutfur Rahman are shining adjescent to Madrassa in Shorkot (D I KHAN). But he has not looted national exchequer as did disqualified people and others do. Now look at Ameer Jamaat e Islami, he is Darwesh (Simple) person rides on bike, his clothes that he wears are cheaper than a daily paid labourers. He is the real picture of being Sadiq and Ameen (Truthful and honest).But his party would never rule Pakistan as new generation does not like Islamic rules but free and society that does not ban their Valine day and new year day's activities and half naked dances on TVs. Which politician is like Sira Ul Haq, not even Maulana Fazal, who is proud and uses full security and protocol. One thing I want to tell to my audience I do not cast my vote because i do not consider these politicians worth of my precious vote. However, I would think about Imran Khan. However article 62-63 do not cover the personal character of any politician? If so can anybody provide me the actual text of articles? Other than being Sadiq and Ameen.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Aysha Gulalai Used Fake Callers And Message App---Mubashir Luqman (Video)