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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dr Shaista Wahidi Is Going To Be 4th Wife Of Mir Shakil Ur Rahman

Dr Shaista Wahidi has got divorce from her husband and all is set to marry Mir Shaki Ur Rahman to be his fourth wife and this will be her third marriage. During these days news of two marriages are making hot news in the media. One is that of news / rumors about Hina and Bilawal and second is the news of marriage of Shaista and Mir Shakil. Both marriages seem to be done for the secure future financially. Shaista Wahidi performs as host on the Geo TV's( owned by Mir Shakil ur Rahman) morning show. Some people felt something wrong at the bottom when Nadia Khan was called back to Geo TV but was not given the morning show that she had been doing earlier but has been assigned night show that is only two times a week. While she is better host than Shaista. After marraige Shaista will continue to perform on Geo in the morning show, of couse, but may get a higher post in the TV and money will be no problem too. Other hot news in the media is the romance of Hina and Bilaal. Hina belongs to a wealthy family her present husband is also a successful businessman. She is the mother of two daughters. She has reputation and fame as foreign minister in the world. On other side Bilawal mother left billions of dollars for Bilwal and for Hina it is not a costly deal to leave something for every thing. Who spread this news? Weekly Blitz of Bangladesh, yes but this has an advantage of having more publicity. If this news were published in the papers of India, the USA or Britain then their secret agencies would have been blamed but what enemity Bangladesh has with us, nothing. According to an aide of Najm Sethi, hinting that it may be an attack from army due to inviting of the UN delegation regarding missing persons. The news that is given seems some one within the ranks and files close to the Bhutto family. Who that can be? Some may point out to ISI? Some people pointing more above? They think Zardari might have no objection on this marriage and he is just posing to oppose and when he will see that Hina and Bilawal are retreating from their decision he will follow his famous policy of "reconcialation". What will be the benefit politically? Hina's reputation is good, got experience in foreign affairs and familiarity with world leaders, if she is made prime minister next time, she will gain favor, praise and support from all the corners. Bilawal is already chaiman of the party and Zardi may get another chance as president and thus everything will remain within their reach, so whsar is the hasrm to think in favor of Bilawal and Hina marriage?

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