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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Akshay Kumar Should Not Inaugurate IFFI---Right Wing Hindus

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar should not be invited to inaugurate 43rd International Film Festival Of India (IFFI), because he has denigrated Hindi deitiesin his latest film "Oh! My God" a right-wing Hindu group said on Monday. "Akshay Kumat who is acting as an incarnation of Bhagvan Shri Krishna, is shown in Western attire in place of Sudharshan Shakra", Bhagvan Shree Krishna is shown rotating key chain in his finger," Hindu Ranajariti Samiti (HJS) convenor Manoj Solanki said in his petition on Monday handed over to Chief Ministr Office (CMO). Solanki also said that screening of the film "Oh My God" should be banned in GOA because it hurts the religious sentiments and that inaugurating IFFI at the hands of Akshay Kumar will amount to "rubbing salt" on the wounds of Hindus in this secular state. How India can be called a secular state where mosques of Muslims are demolished, where untouchable are living miserable lives, where chritians are killed? It is not a secular state but a Hindu state. Where, according to Hindusonly Hindus can live.

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