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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rihanna Sends Photos To Chris From Studio On Mobile

Rihanna is making sure Chris knows exactly how she looks at all times, now that their relationship is back on. Rihanna hit up the studio on at 2 am Friday October 19 in Los Angeles and between recording sessions, she was on the phone with Chris sending him sexy pictures. "She took a break between laying down some vocals and hit Chris up for 30 minutes," a source close to the singer told. "She went in a booth and talked to him and was taking pics of herself on her instagram and sending them to him." "She was in the booth and just laid back on the chaise and chatting him up. She was smiling and sh-- she had this warm glow on her face. Whatever he was saying to her made Rihanna feel like a queen." And it appears as if Rihanna is a queen in her own right. Our source say that the S&M singer's life is "much smoother" now that Chris is back. "I know it is a lot damn easier for her to concentrate and work hard now that Chris is back in her life" souce adds. " she does not worry about the bull -- 1 no more. She does not wonder who he is with or what he is doing. It is like she feels more secure and confident when he is in her life back." Rihanna tweeted lyrics from one of her new songs, presumable the title track "unapologetic" in which she pretty clearly refers to Chris " I found the one he changed my life-- but was it me that changed and he just happened to come at right time"? Rihanna rweeted October 19, followed by hashtag "Unapologetic".

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