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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Embracing Of Islam By Dr Ali Poulson---2

Dr Ali Poulson says( in his own words) that I was introduced to Muslims and came ro know about Islam in Central Asia when I met a old healthy Tajik Muslim, in the church. After a short talk he suddenly adressed me and said," You have eyes like a Muslim, you will definetely convert to Islam," It apparently seemed the words of a person who is habitual to talking ambiguously. And it was dangerous too to talk before the priest in the church. But this sentence did not creat ant resistance within myself and these words engraved in my soul. At that time I did not know about Islam. In 1985 my permit for working in the church was cancelled due to disobediance of the concerned authorities. And I once again started translations from German language to Russian language as a source of my earning. During 1988 when Gorbachov allowed 1000th year celebrations of the intoduction of the Christianity and all the preists were forgiven including myself andI was appointed in Kaluga area in a destroyerd church. In 1990, I was elected accidently the deputy of the Russian Federation by the people of Kaluzsky. Then I was elected Chairman of the religios committee of the Russian Federation of Supreme Soviet Council. I wrote the draft of "Relious Freedom" for the new law of Russia, together with an advocate. This gave actual freedom to the followers of different religions. As an example of this is the decision of holiday on the eve of Chrismas. I did not feel any contention and mental satisfaction in tye church. Church was a building for performing formalities of worship and was a source of income for the church. The priests were not conveying the messager of God to the people. So, in 1991 I voluntarily quited the job of the church. I started reading the church and about Christianity and doubts were created in my mind about the Christian traditions and I concluded that tee is no book in this religion that can claim to be in the real Words sent by Allah. I got to know all this by 1995 and lefy participating in Christian worships. I was still not aware fully of the teachings of Islam. However reasding the translation of Quran Hakeem totally changed the meaning of Allah's message for me. The doubts about embracing Islam were removed at the time when I read about Hazrat Isa (AS) in the teaching of Quran. Quran Hakeem repeatedly emphacizes on the "Oneness" of Allah. So I accepted the high status of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) about which Hazrat Isa had told.the He will come to deliver Allah's message to common people and will make the people aware of the TRUTH. Quran Majeed abolished the discremination betwwen master and servant and social inequility. After studying Quran Hakeem I along with my wife announced to embrace the true religion of the Universe, in 1999.

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