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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chris Is Asking Trouble To Have Both Rihanna And Tran As Grirlfriends

Chris Brown is thinking that he can have both Rihanna and Karrueche Tran as his girlfriends and bedmates at the same time but he is asking for trouble. It was just a few weeks ago that he broke up with Karrueche after clubbing with Rihanna having sexy overnights at her hotel. He asked Karrueche to move out of his LA flat which she did,. and he was getting even more serious with Rihanna, visiting her music studio where she recorded and then spending the nights together. Rihanna even came out to support him at his Qubeey website event on October 20, where he made her feel like "princess". He thrilled her by acting like a gentleman, holding out her chair, getting drinks for her , kissing her and holding her hand. It was his first public event as a couple together since his terrible breakup three years ago. It is not known that what are his thinkings now? In the past week he started seeing and leading Karroueche again. He went with her to dinner at LA Workcano restaurant on Oct 26, after going to opening of World style store together. On Oct 28, they both went to same Haloween party at GreyStone Manor. Though Rihanna still thinks that she is # 1 in his life and she was not worried about "side piece". Then Karroueche thinks that sharing Chris is better than nor having him at all in her life. No man can keep two women under control in a romantic relationship at the same time for long. Rihannas believes Chris is her true love and she told the world and her fans in her new album that she is Unapologetic about reuniting with him. It would be better for Chris to choose Rihanna as she has true love for him and break up with one of his women for good..

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