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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Students Have Developed Robot That Will Search And Dispose Off Bomb

Students of the Deparment of Electronics Engineering of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, have developed an automatic robot that will search, jam the signals of the bomb and is capable of will helping in disposing off the bomb. It has been devised to minimize the risks to human lives, if the attempts to dispose off the bomb fail. The applications used in the robot Invented with the integration of mechanical electronics software technology can be used by the department of anti-terrorism as for national defence purposes. One of the student Aqib Rashid told that the robot named " R F Frequency Bomb Jammer" was developed by a group of six students at a cost of PKR seventy thousand under the supervision of Madam Sumera. The team consisted of Ali Osama Hussain, Mohsin Jamal, Aqib Rashid, Syed Maraj Ahmad, Ahmad Mujeeb and the leader of the team Syed Saad Ahmad. They further said that to minimize the risks to the the lives of the officials of bomb disposal squad of anti-terrorist department , we have developed robot having JPS, F R Signals, Mobile Jammer that can automatically detect the location of the bomb and is capable of sending pictures of the bomb to the concerned authorities. If government cooperate with us then we can further improve it and it can be used by the for defence purposes along with controlling all sorts of terrorist activities. Saqib Rashid further told that they had used P T Z Camera, D C Motor, Stopper Motor, Sound Checking system ( S O N A R), Chemical Detective, Mobile Phone Jammers having frequency capacity from 900 to 1800, and Proximity Sensors, in preparing the Robot.

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