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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spanish Votes Play Important Role In The US Presidential Election

The Spanish votes will play pivotal role in the the presidential election as usual. Fifty thousand Hispanic votes are added every year in the USA to the number of already existing votes. Therfore, this community is considered as very important. According to statistics, the population of Hispanic people is 50 million in he USA that make 13 % of the Us total population. The percentage of population of these people may reach to 22 % during the next 20 years. Regarding Hispanic factor this is the first American election in the history in which both the candidates participated in the Spanish TV program about immigration related policies. It can be assessed from this that how much Hispanic votes have importance. A Latin expert said that in the last election Obama secured 68 % votes of Latanese. It is expected that he will get that mucgh botes too during the coming election. Mitt Romney has strict policy about immigration policy and he may be in loss regarding Spanish votes. Though republican prominent leaders pointed out several times that he must not commit mistake in this regard but Romney continued repeating this blunder. Moreover foreign policy matters will also influence the trend of election. The people who oppose Obama's foreign policy or are against will have impact on the election results. During the recent days the murder of American amassador,Cristopher to Libya by the prtesters has also been criticized and Obama has been blamed for having attitude in favor of Iran and and against Israel, due which the killing of ambassodor resulted. Inaddition the policies regading "Arab Spring", Afghanistan, Cuba and Vezuevela will also influence the election. Now, the world is having eyes on the USA's next election because policies of American president affect the whole world.

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