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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Inventions And Creations Are Bringing Changes In Human's Social LivesSocial

*-- Digintal Currency:-- Everything in our everyday life is going to be digital due to devel;opments of new technologies. The idea of digital currency is neart to enter in human life. It is not that it is only an idea still but this curreny has already been introduced in the form of Bilcoin in 2009. The bilcoin transaction can be done through websites and softwares. In adiition, the facility of transaction through tradiotional notes is also available. Bilcoin Pasyment Network, at present is the most powerful Distributed Computing Network. Though Bilcoin has not got common during three year duration, and majority of the people is unaware of the fact that transaction in bilcoin has staretd. A few problems are hinering its way that include its lomited availability and issue of cryptography of coding. Moreover, people are to be assured that transaction in digital currency is safe. This problem was also noticed when paper notes were introduced. However, when people got sured about the safe transaction in notes then thee was no problem in its weay to be popular. The same can be said about digital currenct but a time will come when digital currency will replace the paper notes.

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