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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Mystery Woman Behind Bin Laden Raid--- "Zero Dark Thirty"

The new trailor for the film "Zero Dark Thirty" which details the hunt for Bin Laden, hints that the real star of the film may not be US Navy SEAL team Six, but a "wicked smart" female analyst who helped coordinate the mission that brouyght Bin Laden down. The preview for the dirtector Kathyren Bigelow'S follow up to "The Hurt Locker" puts the focus on Oscar-nominated actress Jessica Chastan. She reportedly plays the unnamed CIA analyst who is central to 10-year effort to track down world's most wanted person. The exchange between the two SEAL character seems to be the biggest clue. Chris Pratt, who portrays one of the SEALs, turns to fellow soldier Joel Edgerton and asks, " You really believe this story? Osama Bin Laden"? "Yeah," Edgerton character responds, "what part convinved you?" Edgerton then points out his arms in Chastain direction and says "her confidence." Chastan made reference to the role on her facebook page, but remained coy about the exact details of her character. "Hey everyone, the newest trailer of my upcoming film "Zero Dark Thirty was released and I wanted to share with you all" Chastain werote, " I am still not allowed to talk about it, but any guesses to whom I play, the creative answer with the most 'likes' wins." The speculation surrounding her role lines up with a "60 minute" interview given by one the SEALs involved in Bin Lasden operation.' "One of the passengers on their plane was a CIA analyst who had spent 5 years on Bin Laden's trail," host Scott Pelley said in a piece that ran in September. In the piece ex SEAL gives much of the creidit to the unnamed female CIA analyst he refers to only as "JEN". Mark Owen the author of "NO Easy Day" says the analyst was more convinced than anyone, ncluding president Obama and CIA head Leon Panetta, that Bin Laden was hiding in the Abbottabad compund in Pakistan.

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