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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Conflict Between China And Japan On The Ownership Of Diaoyu Islands Is On The Rise

The conflict between China and Japan about the rights of ownership of Sankaku/ Diyaoyu Islands situated in Pacific Ocean is esclating day by day. The conflict can endanger the security of not only both the country but the whole of the region. The issue between the two countries is not new but is pending for solution since 1972. The USA had handed over the occupation of the islands to Japan inspite of being the first right of China. China has been highlighting the issue on all the fora. The disputed islands are called Sankaku by Japan while Chinese call them Diyaoyu. These include 5 Islands and 3 rocks. During fifteenth century these were the part of Chinese territory. The notables of the sultanate used to visit these islands. The name of Diyaoyu for the islands was also derived from the royal map of Mang sultanate. Japanese also derived the name of an important island of the group Yutisuri Jima from the map of Mung dynasty. The meaning of both the names is "fishing". While, a British captain Malcher described these islands with the name of "Pinnacle" in his book.During the 1970 and 1980's decades the Britain Navy used the name of pinnacle for the hills locasted near the islands.Actually, pinnacle is syunonymous to Sankaku and Diyaoyu. Japan was a gteat military force during the era and was occupying territories around by force. Then on January 14, 1895, Japanese governmment officially occupied these islands. In the beginning of 1900, Japanese businessman Kogamaktu Sheru installed Bonitu fisheries plant where 200 employess had been working. Thus Japanese used to come to the islands. However, Chinese fishermen also stayed temporalily on the islands. Due to loss in the business the plant was closed during 1940 after which the islands got barren. The heirs of Kogatantu Sheru, Zanji and Panaku sold 4 islands to Kori Hara family. KoniKori Hara bought Yonisuri, Kinaku Jima, and Manami ko Jima islands while their sister bought Kuya island. In World War II after the defeat of Japan all of the territorial areas came under the American control in 1945. During 1969 UN Economic Commission for Asia and Far East reported that that the islands near China in the Pacific Ocean have a huge reserves of oil and gas. In 1971 American senate approved the Okinava Reversion Treaty and in 1972 the islands were handed over to Japan. But, China and Taiwan severly opposed the step and claimed that they are the owners of the islands and have the right to own them.

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