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Monday, October 22, 2012

Pakistan Sets 8 New World Records

After beating the Indian world record of collective singing of National Song, Pakistan set a record with 46816 people singing the song in chorus, Pakistan set 8 new world record in Punjab Youth and Sports Festival. Muhammad Amin Bodla made his name included in the Guinesse Book of World record with 616 karate kicks within 3 minute. However, in second attempt he failed and could kick 612 times in 3 minutes. The second record was set by Muhammad Mansha who cooked 3 breads in 3 minutes and 14.39 seconds. A 12 year old girl Mahak Gul set record in laying chess mate swiftly within 45 seconds. In football header getting their names included in the world record book were Daniel Gul and Qamar Rizwan, they have beaten the earlier record of 170 heads in 4 minutes and 46 seconds by 335 heads. Saadi Muhammad set world record in pulling 1700 kgs heavy coach with mushtache upto 60.3 meters. Shiraz and Sarfraz have beaten the earlier world record of 30 frog-like jumps in 30 seconds with 34 jumps. Jalil ul Hassan made world record in putting on cricket kit in one minute and 8 seconds. Mian Noman Anjam of Narowal set world record in 35 seconds of connecting plug to wire. The events in which world record could not be set are wearing tee shirts quickly within minimum time, Ahmad shaukat aand Abdul Majeed tried for the category but failed. The world record of putting on tee shirts quickly in minimum time is that of 31 shirts with in 1 minute. Similarly, Hafiz Deeshan and Faheem Raza could not set new world record in table tennis knocks. However, all these records are in games or sports but no record of new technology or intellligence was set. Mahak Gul dedicated her record to Malala.

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