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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NUST Student Has Developed Latest Radar System Based On Ultra-Wide Band Technology

A student, Zunaira Maryam of the Electrical Department of the College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering of the National University of Science and Techology (NUST) Rawalpind, has introduced a latest radar system based on the untra-wide band technology. Using the priciples of this technology the movement of human being can be been seen acress the wall, barrier through radar. Zunaira said that this project is of research nature and the ultra-wide band technology is actually, used in the equipoment working on high range frequency. Describing the details of the equipments used in the project she told that existing network analyzer in the micro waves engineering research laboratory as first part of the radar, antenna and cable were installed and waves of different frequencies were sent across the wall. Experimentally, the width of the wooden wall was kept as 10 mm and the data of returning waves were received on the network analyzer. Using the algorithm of the radar signal processing the targettedmovement across the wall was monitored through the data received. She said that on the graph received through ultra-wide band radar, the movement of the targete could be seen along with the time. She further said that in the project the ultra-wide band radar theory was tested and demonstration practically. She said that ultra-wide band radar technology is an important invention that can be used in the national defence effectively. During the war, the prisoners could be located through rdar and could be freed and this will also play an important role in the satellite communication.

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