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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pakistani Spouses Can Be Exposed, If Cheating

A retired army pilot established Pakistan's first licenced private detective agency in Lahore with the name of Factfinders, to investigate and check wife's or husband's loyalty to his/her partner. In Pakistan where arranged marriages are common and any unfaithfulness can be punished by death, it is obvious that how much our society is changing as Haider Masood's private agency exists and is carrying out its business. He founded this detective agency 2 years back on Valentine's day. The agency services are not cheaper, down payment for Factfionder to check on a unfaithful partner is $5500 PKR equals 517000 nearly, where in Pakistan average monthly income of the 90% of the Pakistanis is not more than $200. Majority of the clients are those people who live in USA, Britain, United Arab Emirates and other European countries, who want to keep a close eye on the activities of sposes or fiance from far off. The Agency's investigations are restricted to infedilty cases, e.g. one man wanted the agency to retreive a stolen computer that had naked pictures of his wife. But, these are mostly wives or husbands tormented by cheating of partner who approach the agency. The website of the agency promisdes " To off load your burden with full confidentiality" with a suggestive image of a turned over high heeled shoe beside a wine glass. To reinforce the point another photograph is of a luxury car splashed with a graffiti from an angry wife or girlfriend. His staff consists of 30 personnels scatttered across Pakistan with a few posted in Britain to deal clents there. Staff is recruited as retired army and police officers and from financial sector. Fatima of 32 years priorly workinfg for Britsain's Scotland Yard joined the Factfinders and carries out research and manages surveillance teams and performs other miscellaneous operations. The owner said that indiscretion may be the one reason that divorce rate is increasing. The Islamabad Arbitration Council where divorce cases are officially registerd says that number of broken marriages has doubled during the last 10 years. In 2011 there were 557 divorce cases filed in the Islamabad alone while during 2002 thee were only 208 cases registered. The company has dealy 150 cases so far.

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