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Monday, October 8, 2012

Light Spreading Lantern Has Been Developed With The Solution Of Water And Salt

Green House Company limited of Japan has invented a lead lantern that generates light from the solution of water and salt. The latern is called" G H Lead 10 W B B" that neither needs dry cell nor rechargeable battery, rather when water and salt solution is put in it it starts spreasing light. Once the lantern is filled with the solution, it works for 8 hours. Water is mixed in the 16 gram salt and 350 ml salty solution is prepared in a special water bag to use the lantern. When this salty water is put in the lantern it workd as electrolite elecrilite with the help of a magnesium and corbon rod. Its light as fast is as 55 ml. Magnisium rod can be used for 120 hours. This rod can also be bought separately. After using once the new rod can be installed for the working of the lantern.

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