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Monday, October 15, 2012

Who Will Be The Next American President? Obama Or Romney--1

November is near and American people will have to decide that they like Democrate Obama, the first black president of the USA, to continue or they want Republican candidate Romney to get into White House for the next term as president of the USA. Election compaign is at its full peak and apparently it seems a tough "match". The presidential elections in the USA are held after every four years during the first 10 days of the month. The election process gets completed between Nov 4 to Nov 10. The process this year will begin on November 6 and will be completed witin few days. If Obama succeeds it will be his second the the last term, while Romney will start his first term, if he defeats Obama. Pre-election surveys, discussions and speaches continue, and according to surveys of public opinions , Obama seems leading but with a least difference. The political Pandits say that real decision will be made by the mood of the voters at eleventh hours on the day of election when they go to cast votes. On other side observers termed Romney successful on TV discussion between OBama and Romney held on Wednesday the 3rd of September. Romney criticized Obama's economic policies while Obama said Romney does notfulfill his promises. The trends of presidential elections indicate that some states cast votes in favor of specific party. So, the presidential candidates will oncev again depend on the votes of the states that are called "Swing States". These are the styates that are considered the actual "battlefield" for the presidentioal elections. However, Obama has lead in these states according to election surveys. The Electoral College Votes of the states of the USA depend on the population or seats in the senate and House of Representatives. Thus, some states get importance due to larger population. As Calofornia state has 30.7 million population with 55 votes in the electoral college. While Montana state has only one million population and number of its electoral college votes is only 3. the number of votes neeeded to be elected as president of the USA is 280.

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