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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy's Damage Losses Amount To $ 50 Billion To The USA

Superstorm Sandy damaged several states in the USA and nearly 50 people lost their lives. Due to the hitting of the hurricane on the easttern coastal area, heavy rainfalls, windstorm and floods brought devastating destruction in the region. The most destructine storm in the USA after 191 years. Dam crashed in New Jersy inundating the whole city and stranding thousands of people. Eight point two million people remained without power and American economy will face a loss of nearly $ 50 Billion. Whereas, the restoration of power lines will cost additional expensers. Stock exchange remained closed for two consecutive days. Sandy paralyzed life in 15 states. President after declaring New York, Long Island, New Jersy and Virginias calamity hit states cancelled his election schedule on Wednesday. The roads and sub-ways in New York city are under water that will take several days to pump the water out and reestre the transport system. Power plant in Manhattan caught fire after blast and major part of the area faced power break down. Sandy caused heavy snowfall in Phaladalphia, Baltimoor, Eastern Tennesse, Mariland and North Karolina. Two third of the oil refinaries on eastern coastal area as well as two atomic plants and sera port in New Jersy have been shut down. Thousands of flghta have beeen suspended. Coastal city Atlantic city has been vacated. The met office has warned that Sandy can affect 59 million people in tghe coastal areas. The storm speed was 120 kilometer per hour that hit the eastern coast. It is also feareed that election compaign as well as voting process on Nov 06 may be affected negatively. Sandy hurricane has broken all the previous records of storms in the history that hit New York. Sandy is also being named as "Post Tropival Cyclone". and it is also called category one hurricane. Lat year in August storm "Irene" had hitten USA thast caused loss of $ 16 Billion. But, Sandy superceeded Irene in severity and damage. The sea storms of category one hitting the USA have speed from 75 to 95 Kilometers per hour and their width is 1000 miles, but andy left behind all the storms and crossed all the the limits. New York was founded in 1624 and a storm hitting the city in 1821 had damaged the city but Sandy's 13 feet high waves were far beyond that storm. The hurricanes that caused severe losses to the lives, economy and defence of the USA include include Komri cane, Hunter, Irene, Katrina and Andrews. But, the sixth and most bloody storm is Sandy. It is said that Irene storm developed due to the highest temperature of the American Oceans.

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