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Monday, October 15, 2012

MNA (N) Shamsa Gohar Married Fraudulently-- Sarfraz Gohar

After the disclosure of the priorly married MNA (N) Shamsa Gohar, her husband who is high ranking government oficer has submitted an application in the local police station against her, accusing her of fraud and other iilegations and posing herself as virgin in the Nikah agreement. Her husband separated himself from her, while the council of the appelant stated in the application that Shamsa married the intelligent officer of the Federal government Sarfraz Gohar on April 09, 2006 and termed her as unmarried and virgin. It was revealed now that she hasd married Abid Ali on March 22, 2005, and she did not make the divorce effective and married Sarfraz Gohar that is duplication of Nikah (Islamic Knot). Her husband sdaid he came to know about her previous marriage just two months before and got Nikah agreement from the office of Union Council and it was confirmed that she was already married and her divorce was not effective yet. So legal process has been initiate against her. Shamsa Gohar said that her marriage with Sarfraz wasnot of one day and she has one 5 year daughter of Sarfraz and she did not want to tell more yet.

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