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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Qaddafi Was Killed On Sarkozi's Orders By French Agent-- Italian Paper

An Italian newspaper Correar Dela Sera revealed that Qaddafi was not killed by any rebillion but a French secret agent shot him on the order of former French president Nikola Sarkozi. Qazzafi was killed in his ancestral town Sarat after violence mercilessly, on October 29, 2011. Italian paper qoutiong a diplomatic source in Tripoli reported that when rebillions seiged former president Qaddafoi and were beating him violently , as French agent succeeeded in intruding the mob and shot Qaddafi in head that caused his death. Former care taker prime minister of Libya Mahmood Jabrael told an Egyptian TV channel that Qaddafi was killed by a foreign agent who joined revolutionasry brigades. The reason behind the murder was that Sarkozi wanted to avoid revelation of any contacts with Qaddafi. Qaddafi had extended millins of dollars support to former French president for his 2007 election compaign. Sarkozi did not want Qaddafi to disclose his financial assistance to Sarkozi if he left alive.

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