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Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunny Leone's Film Banned In Pakistan

Ragini MMS 2 has stirred quit a controversy in India because of its contents and now it has been banned in parts of Pakistan too. The Punjab censor board simply did not find it appropriate for the Pakistani audience and disapproved it. Deputy Chairman of the Punjab Censor Board said," This is the first film that I have had to outrightly ban because it was essentially pornography. It was profanity. There was no space for cutting. It was not worthy of screening altogether. Sindh Board of Film Censors (SBFC) and Central Board Of Film Certification (SBFC) have approved the film and it is running in the cinemas tee. ("Is Sindh and specially Karachi in Europe"?). But despite approval, there are some cinema houses that are not running the film like Atrium in Karachi and Centaurus Cineplex in Islamabad. So the movie is not being widely screened in Pakistan. Some extremists Indian organisations are also demanding to ban this movie and Sunny Leone to be deported from India.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Health Wonders Of Garlic

The world researchers conducting research in the field of medical sciences have concluded that garlic has wonderful benefit for health. According to medical experts garlic has such constituents of sulfure that increase human body's resistance power and saves from several epidemics. Using garlic in daily diet plays an important role in lowering the risks of cancer and skin diseases. The use of garlic increases the number of beneficial bacteria in our body that keep our digestive system in proper order and eliminates the harmful bacteria. According to a study garlic keeps our blood clean and saved from chronic cold and flu. It helps in keeping the blood flow in vein normal and control any clotting. American medical researcher Careen Read says it is useful for the patients suffering from hypertension. Common garlic used in soups prevents the formation of malignant cells of every kind of cancer. It has been proved to prevent breast and prostate caners. Where the use of garlic saves you from many diseases it is similarly beneficial to save you from cough, breathing troubles, intestinal disorders, skin diseases, paralysis, memory loss, duffness, tubercolosis and diabetes. A great thing is it is too cheap ans saves your money from treatment and medicinal expenses. As it is natural anti biotic compounds that lower the effects of weakness of the body and diseases and also lessens the effects of ageing.

The Worst Actors Of Bollywood

Aamir Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Ajay Devgan have been declared as the worst actors of Bollywood ( 2013) by Golden Kela AWards. Golden Kela Awards celebrates the worst in Bollywood at a ceremony organised in Indian Habitat Center. Ajay won his performance in 'Himmatwala' while Sonakshi got the honour for her performance i 'R. Rajkumar'. The creative head of Golden Kela Awards Anant Singh said, " In Bollywood today, the box office figures have no correlation with the quality of the film. Our sincerest hope is that 10 years down the line, the figures will be forgotten, while Kelas they got are remembered." Aamir Khan got the award for Dhoom 3, and te title of the award was very interesting i.e. "The Bawaara Ho Gaya Hai Ke" (Got Mad). Anant Singh added, " Aamir Khan had said once that he loves Kela Awards, because all other awards are rigged, I wonder what would he say about us now".

Disadvantages Of Perfumes And Body Spray

Men and women throughout the world use perfumes or body sprays to prevent unpleasant body odour, but it must be remembered that its excessive use is harmful for health. A survey conducted in Britain indicated that body sprays are used by young men and women. Skin health experts say that excessive use of deodorants may cause irritation, breathing and lungs trouble, and may also damage heart. Experts say that chemicals present in the perfumes and body sprays to prevent body odor may be very dangerous. Clinical Service Ellergy UK's director Morain Jenkins say that every third young person in UK is suffering from breathing and skin troubles. Jemkins says that the very reason of the troubles of skin, ellergy and breathing troubles are due to the dangerous chemicals in the perfumes and body sprays. Experts say that perfumes must be used carefully and when you have to go out of house and avoid using them in closed places.

Fuel Obtained From Bacteria Will Be Used In Rockets And Missiles In Future

The Indian newspaper "Times of India" has written referring to a scientific research that in future cheaper super fuel obtained from bacteria will be used in rockets, missiles and space crafts substituting powerful fuel JP-10. Prepared from the enzymes of trees this highly inflammable bacterial fuel will give six times more production than previous liquid compound. Researcher desire to increase the production of this chemical 26 times higher.

Sensitive Defence Radar System Was Attacked In Pasni

Clad in army uniform and equipped with modern arms and rockets 15 terrorists came in two vehicles and attacked sensitive defence radar system in Pasni, martyred one official and kidnapped ten officials of Balochistan Constabulary. Dozens of officials were deployed for the safety of radar system located at the top of the hill. They fired several rockets on the radar system and installed bomb before fleeing taking hostages with them. The bomb was defused by the disposal squad. The spokesperson of civil aviation say the radar system is working properly and even it was providing guidance during the attack to the world air traffic. This system has been installed by Pakistan Air Force for monitoring World Air Traffic.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Can Government Guess What Could Be The Final Demand Of Taliban For Returning Peace To Pakistan?

There is no doubt that government of Pakistan has engaged itself in dialogue with Taliban for peace and safety of the people's lives, safety of the national property and military installations, no doubt government's intention is good and in the best interest of the nation. Every Pakistani prays for the success of the talks and in the restoration of the peace in the country. Though TTP has announced ceasefire but Ahrar Hind and other India-and Israel paid groups are involved in subversive activities. It is also noticeable that government position is weaker, while Taliban are presenting their demands with confidence. It seems that they will get all their demands accepted and government may or may not get its demands equally accepted by Taliban. Taliban know very well that who the people involved in terrorist activities, if it is not TTP, then why government does not demand Taliban to stop their hands or take their weapons against them, before they sit on the dialogues table. Because Pakistanis are still targeted.
Taliban have become so strong militarily that they are sitting with the government committee members like the representatives of a state. And it is true. If they consider themselves representatives of a state, because they rule tribal areas where government has lost its writ. And it is true too that in a full war against Pakistan, they can not and can never fight against Pak army and win, Pakistani army is one of the best and highly trained armies in the world. This was the the reason that Taliban agreed to talk and announced ceasefire immediately, as soon as military initiated preliminary operation. But still they are so strong that they can keep army engaged for years, because the tribal areas are the territory that Britishers could not occupy. And were forced to extend previleges to tribal Maliks.
So, if the talks get successful and Taliban agree to complete ceasefire and stop their activities in Pakistan and against Pakistan, what government think they will throw/lay-down arms and will sit idle? No never. The y have not struggled for a long period of time that they will the way of life they got used to i.e. fighting. Can government convince them to go to other countries where Muslims are in trouble and are under the continued atrocities of the majority like Myanmar, Kashmir or Palestime? If no then, what would be their final demand from government, it is guesss that they will demand the occupation of North Waziristan first with capital Miran Shah, where they have stronghold, and slowly and gradually will extend their demands to hand over South Waziristan with capital Wana and other tribal areas. They will make it an Islamic state They would like to fulfil their objectives of the struggle and that is implementation of Islamic Sharia. Can government afford that? Though not all the tribal elites are in their favour but when they would have their rule there automatically they will have to obey them and tribal people are already religious minded. In Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of NATO forces Kabul government whose it may be can not resist Afghan Taliban who will definetely get the Kabul government back and Pakistani tribal areas and Afghanistan may get merged in the form of an Greater Islamic State. However, fight for power power will continue between Taliban and Taliban as the past history of Afghanistan indicates. What the readers think?

A Citizen Is Looted After Every 3 Minutes In Britain

If you consider Britain a country that is free of dacoits and thiefs then you must review your thinking. Because in its streets a person is being looted after every 3 minutes. This was disclosed in an official survey report. According to report 1.8 million people were looted in the streets of the country. This number shows 7 % increase over the 2012 incidents of looting. Astonishingly, dacoits attacked the people in day light and every fifth dacoity happened during the mid day of Saturdays. The other risky time remained the night of Saturdays between 11 PM to 2 AM. The other interesting thing is that 14 % of the incidents ocurred in public transport like buses, trains and trams. Similarly, pick-pocketing incidents showed 10 % increase in the number during the last 12 months.

I Will Disclose Corruption And Illegal Activities Inside MQM Soon--Saleem Shahzad

A former senior leader of MQM has announced on Friday night that he will expose the corruption and other illegal activities inside the party very soon. Saleem Shahzad announced to disjoin the political party over severe internal conflicts with the party leadership, he said 'no chance to join party back, enough is enough', adding that he would unveil 'corruption' and other illegal activities in the party being made by a 'lobby'. While detailing upcoming moves following his announcement, Shahzad hinted tat he would take more decisions with his close and reliable friends. He said there is a corrupt lobby present in the MQM working against the theoretical activists of the party. He signaled to uncover a money-making mafia working in the political party which is also involved in extortion, murders, smuggling and other illegal activities. He said there is a long list of corruption activities to be presented before Pakistani nation. The former senior leader said the party leadership was aware of my resignation from central membership and he clarified that there was no chance to return back to party.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Party Expelled Me Due To Writing Book "Jinnah"--- Jaswant Singh

Former Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh said that Bhartia Janta Party has kicked me out of the party and did not give me ticket to contest election, therefore he said he had submitted nomination papers as an independent candidate. Addressing a public gathering in the town of Burmer in Rajhistan, he complained against the selfishness and narrow-mindedness of BJP. He said he was elected nine times the member of parliament. He said he had asked the party that this was his last election but on March 10, suddenly he came to know that his name was not included in the list of BJP's candidates. Jaswant Singh said he made Raj Nath ahead for party's leadership but he deceived me. He said party treated me less than a peon. Jaswant Singh! being an Indian and remaining a high-profile figure in Indian politics were you biten by a mad dog that you dare to write book on Founder of Pakistan and wrote the facts? Could your facts be digested by your extremist Hindus? Why did you praise Jinnah telling the truth to the world and unveiling the real face of BJP and your Hindu colleagues? Still you are lucky that you have only be kicked out of pary not shunted out of country. Did you realize the result of telling the truth? Tell the world the fate of a true man in India.

Banned Cricketer Asif Will Act In Bollywood Film

Muhammad Asif who has been banned from International Cricket Council till September 02, 2015 has decided to do something else for some time. And his temporary profession is acting. He will debut in B-Town with a movie called "India Main Lahore". He still aims to make comeback in cricket. His passions and love for cricket remains the same. But since he can not play cricket, he wants to do films as movies can be his 'second career option'. Asif thinks that there are a lot of things common in cricket and acting. And he really wishes to get second chance from public. Asif is right, both the professions are glamrous and crickets and actors become celebrities and both careers have a lot of wealth to get from. Because , he was banned due to his greed of money that defamed Pakistan. Otherwise the cash he received from PCB was no less and was a huge money for a boy of his class.

Bahrain's Political Crisis Is A Great Challenge For The USA

The political crisis in Bahrain posed a challenge to the American 5th Naval fleet, its interests and fir American citizens in the region. Where, Obama in his visit to Saudi Arabia will express his full support to Saudi regarding the issues of Egypt, Syria and and Iran, he will also urge Saudi king to play his role in resolving the Bahrain's crisis. According to analysts the Shia opposition " February 14 Youth Coalition And Ashtar Brigade" have become more organized militarily than before. Burning American flags are common and several areas have become 'no go areas' for Americans. According to reports the delay in reforms by Sunni government will pave the way for violence by opposition and Iran will also get chance to interfere. America will urge Saudi Kingdom to ensure the talks between Shia coalition and the Bahrain government to prevent any unpleasant event and to save the interests of the USA and Saudi government.

Lashkar e Jhanghvi Gave Me Life Threat--- Bilawal

Bilawal Zardari said in a Twitter message that he received a life threatening letter from defunct group Lahkar e Jhanghvi. If something happened to me, Punjab government will be responsible for that, because Sharif brothers are protecting them. Punjab chief minister has directed IG Punjab to conduct immediate inquiry regarding the threat.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Taliban Refuse To Release Sons Of Taseer And Gilani

Taliban have refused to release the abducted sons of late Salman Taseer Former governor Punjab and former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. However, Taliban told the government committee that they are ready to release Professor Ajmal with the condition government would release their two men. Taliban claimed that Sindh government is committing atrocities against their prisoners. Over the release of two Taliban men government committee told Taliban Shura that it would respond the offer after talking too the Sindh government. The government committee further said that issue relating to non-combatant prisoners should be dealt separately. Taliban peace committee member professor Muhammad Ibrahim said the negotiation between government and Taliban is progressing in a positive way. Is is true? Doubts arise? Government is bowing and accepting all the demands of Taliban while they do not? Why they do not release the sons of Gilani and Taseer?

Meera And Her Husband's Video Sparked Controversy When Released On Internet

A homemade video of Meera and Her husband sparked a controversy when it was released on internet a couple of months ago. Now the court has issued an arrest warrant against actress and her husband. The judge issued the order on a petition which accused meera and her husband Naveed of committing a sin by filming their intimate moments. The petitioner alleged that the couple is spreading obscenity in the society and urged the court to make example of them. However, Naveed remains defiant and say there is no need of hue and cry about the video since they are married. While Meera said it is fake video. The video went viral and has been uploaded to several websites by unidentified over the last few days. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has cut off the access to the video following a request from Meera.

Garcia Filed A 'Contempt Of Court' Lawsuit Against Google

The actress of controversial anti-Islam movie " Innocence Of Muslims" Cindy Lee Garcia filed a "contempt of court" lawsuit against Google over her flicks available on You Tube despite US court's order. Garcia, who faced life threats for performing in 14-minute controversial film, had won case in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals requesting removal of the film from its servers, in February. Google was ordered by the court to remove the anti-Islam film from You Tube and all of its other platforms within 24 hours. The actress sued Google with a hefty amount up to $150,000 for each copy of the video on You Tube as 852 links were identified in Garcia's initial take down notice which took the claim figure to $ 128 million. Garcia's lawyer said the the copies of movie's trailers with her performance were still on You Tube until the time of filing. They could also be accessed in Egypt by altering the setting from global to country-specific. The filing said the video being available from any computer in the world is in violation of the earlier court order. It also said that the Google continues to profit illegally via the traffic from the channels that have uploaded the video.

Singer Shakira Became The Most Popular Celebrity Of The World On Facebook

pop singer Shakira is the most popular personality of the world on Facebook at present. The number of her fans on Facebook is 86.42 million, on No two is Rihanna whose fans are 86.27 million, on No 3 is singer Amenium who has 83.93 million fans. Famed Footballer Chritino Ronaldo, Michael Jackson, Van Diesel, Katy Parry, Will Smith, Justin Bieber and and Lady Gaga rank between No 4 to 10, respectively.

Bilawal Zardari May Be The Next Chief Minister Of Sindh

After the Thar crisis in which hundreds of children died due to lack of food and medicines, PPP has decided to remove present chief minister of Sindh Qaim Ali Shah to make its image better. It is considering seriously to make Bilawal Zardari the chief minister of Sindh , after getting him elected from Larkana constituency in by-election. MQM has also expressed its support for Bilawal in this regard. Bilawal also agreed to be CM of Sindh. This will be his first official office after actively participating in politics. But, it is hard for Bilawal to improve maintain over all law and order situation in Karachi and in Sindh. However, the final decision will be done on April 4. The edia advisor of Bilawal, Fawad Chaudhary has said there is no constitutional or legal hindrance of Bilawal being CM of Sindh.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fat Girls Are Preferred For Marriage In Mauritania

Obesity is so revered among the white Moor Arab population of Mauritania that the young girls are sometimes forced-fed to obtain weight the government has described as "life threatening". A generation ago, over a third of women in the country were forced-fed as children. Mauritania is one of the few African countries, where on average, girls receive more food than boys. Now only around one in 10 girls are treated this way. The treatment has its roots in fat being seen as sign of wealth, if a girl was thin she was considered as poor and would not be respected. But in rural Mauritania you will still see rotund women that the country is famous for. They walk slowly, dainty hands on the end of dimpled arms, pinching multicoloured swathes of fabric together to keep the biting sand off their faces. "I make them eat lots of dates, lots and of lots of couscous and other fattening foods, " Fatematou, a voluminous woman in her sixties who runs a kind of "Fat Farm" in the north desert town of Atar told BBC.

Antony And Kejriwal Are Pakistan's Agents--Narandera Modi

Any person even if Indian prime minister uses or speaks a soft word about Pakistan or discloses any lie of India and reveals facts , he is Pakistan's agent near the extremist Hindus of India. Is there any doubt that India is the enemy of Pakistan? But those pro-India Pakistanis would not confess the facts. Today Narendra Modi targeted Defence Minister A K Antony and Arvind Kejriwal calling them, " Agents of Pakistan and enemies of India" and speaking its language. "Three AKs have emerged as unique strength for Pakistan. One is AK-47 which has been used to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. The second is A K Antony who informs Parliament people wearing dresses of Pak army beheaded our soldiers while our army says Pakistanis ha come. Who do you want to benefit with your statement..." he asked. He also took a dig at Kejriwal, who resigned after 49 days as Chief Minister of Delhi, as the " Third AK which is AK -49 who has just given birth to a new party" "The map on his party's website has shown Kashmir in Pakistan. A senior member of his party is shouting himself hoarse demanding plebiscite in Kashmir. Pakistan is dancing over their statements. These agents of Pakistan, enemies of India, you are speaking the language of Pakistan" he said. The truth is always bitter Modi! They have shown you and your India your true dirty face.

No Respect For Women In India

No place and no respect in India for women, you might have heard, but the above picture is the living example of this. A seat n bus which is only for women, men are sitting shamelessly while women are standing. This is the difference of culture between the two neighbouring and rival countries Pakistan and India. In Pakistan, of course, women face problems but not like this. It is also noteworthy that the most cases of rape are registered in the USA and India. Courtesy (TNT)

House Arrested "Princess" Gulnara Karimova-- The Daughter Of Uzbekistani President

A letter smuggled to the BBC has revealed the extent of Gulnara Karimova's fall from grace, as the daughter of Uzbekistan president and a successful businesswoman, to an outspoken critic of country's repressive regime. A letter which was sent to BBC claims Gulnara has suffered beatings as a result of allegedly being the most hated person in the country. She wrote," I am under severe psychological pressure, I have been beaten, you can count bruises on my arms." She also describes the daily threats she is reportedly receiving, as well as her life under house arrest and constant surveillance by officials. The BBC have stated " convoluted style and neat Russian handwriting suggests that the author is no dissident, but Gulnara Karimova. As the daughter of Uzbekistan president Islam Karimov, Gulnara was the most powerful figure in the country. She is a diplomat, a professor, a businesswoman, a fashion guru, as well as gaining as the Uzbek pop sensation Googoosha. Last year, she faced several controversies- which brought her glamorous life to a standstill. Gulnara became an advocate against repressive apparatus of her father's state, whose public stance against Uzbek regime has been broadcast on social media sites. In particular Karimova has openly condemned her father's top security man Rustam Innayotov, a key figure in president's regime, who she accused of trying to seize power. In December 2010, dispatches from the US embassy in Uzbekistan exposed on Wikileaks websites described the ex-Soviet country as "a nightmarish world of rampant corruption organised crimes, forced labour in the cotton fields and torture." The site also shifted focus to Karimova the "glamorous and most controversial" the daughter of the president who is the "the single most hated person in the country."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Politicians With Unlikeliest Backgrounds

*-- The Porn Star Who Served In The Italian Parliament:-
Hungarian adult film star Ilona Staller (a.k.a. Cecciolina ) served for five years in the Italian parliament aptly named Radical Party. La Cecciolina ("Cuddles") was certainly unique. Never one to be shy,t his blonde bombshell was the first woman to expose her breasts on Italian TV. She often delivered speeches with one breast exposed and continued to make X-rated films while still in office. During Gulf War, Cecciolina offered offered herself to then Iraqi president Saddam Hussain in return for peace in the region. This was perhaps te highlight of her administration. She also founded " Party of Love"- with fellow porn star Moanna Pozzi -to fight for the legislation of brothels, the formation of 'love parks' and better sex education. When her term ended in 1992, Cecciolina was re-elected. Perhaps she summed it up best when she stated," My breasts have never done anyone any harm, while USA's war against Ben Laden has caused thousands of victims." *-- From Love Boat To US House Of Representatives:-
Fred Grandy might be known by the people as Gopher, the cruise ship purser wearing white shorts and knee high socks on the classic TV sitcom, The Love Boat. Although he was successful as an actor on the camp television show, Grandy had already worked in politics-- as Rep Wiley Maine's speech writer in his home state of Iowa. After the series' end in 1986, Grandy became a politician when he was elected into the US House of Representatives same year. No down time for Gopher. Grandy served four terms. He is most proud of his support of welfare reforms and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
In the above picture Grandy is with cast of The Love Boat. *-- The Brazilian Clown Who Became A Popular Congressman:- Sure, every politician acts like a clown, but this one actually was a clown before becoming a political figure. Born with the odds against him, Brazillian Francisco Everado
Oliveira Silva--better known as Tiririca- was born in one the country's poorest areas. He dropped out of school at age nine to join circus as a clown. Noting the success of his singing performance, circus help fund an album for him. His album Florentina became a great success, selling over 1.5 million copies. Tiririca found further success as a humorist on television when his musical career went in decline. In 2010 Tiririca announced he will run for National Congress after being invited by Brazilian Republic Party. Some may called the former clown illiterate and a joke by running, but he became the most-voted-for Congressman in the election, winning a seat for Sao Paulo State. Tiririca had the last laugh, and became the most-hard-working congressman in Brazil. He criticised the ineffectiveness of other politicians saying, " You pass whole days here doing nothing, just waiting to vote on something while people argue and argue."

No Jet Hit Twin Towers On 9/11--Former Pilot

Former pilot of CIA John Laer said in an affadavit against the government claims that no jet plane hit the twin towers on 9/11. John said according to physics laws it is impossible, if plane hits the 9 in wide iron column then its body gets pressed while iron columns of twin towers were 39 in wide. Former pilot said if the planes would have hit the towers in reality , their tails would have broken and fallen and planes would have been in the debris in their actual form. He also revealed that no Boeing 767 can fly at a height of 1000 feet at a speed of 540 miles per hour because its fan system can not tolerate that much speed on his low height. John laer has presented his statement in a case in American court where a physicist had filed an application. The physicist said that no jet hit te towers on 9/11 and the government claims are misleading.

Super President Of A Super Power

We the Muslims strictly believe that the only super power in the Universe is one and only one tat is Allah the Almighty, the Creator of the Universe and all the living and non-living things there in. But He bestows the supermacy of the worldly things to those who have just and honest deeds. There is no restriction for Him to hand over power whether the powered is Muslim or Non-Muslim. Because every thing in the Universe is His Creation and the Creator likes all of his creations. He is a Great Judge. The United States of America justifies to be a Super Power Bestowed By Allah. Though the USA is cruel, selfish, dishonest for other nations, It is the cause of all the restlessness and wars in the world. But as for as its justice and kindness to its own citizen is concerned, USA certainly cares for its own people only. Let us look at an example in the following paragraph. The president of the USA, Barack Obama was addressing a function at the University of Texas where he stressed the students to study for securing technical degrees, which will help them in their practical life, instead of having degrees in the subjects like Art History etc. But the professor of Art History Ann Clones Jones did not like president's remarks and sent an email to White House showing her reservations and terming Obama;s remarks as inappropriate. After emailing to the president, Ann Colnes forgot about it. But she got stunned when after a few days she received a regretting/ apology letter from the president in his own hand writing which she did not think of. President had apologized in written on his remarks in the university. President had written, " I apologize on my remarks. I had said that referring to the jobs opportunities, I did not mean to deny the importance of Art History. Art history was my favourite subject in school time and it helped me a lot in my practical life. Please convey my apology to the whole department on my behalf. Please try to understand I was only encouraging those students who had no aptitude for arts education." Professor Ann said that she did not expect president would reply and apologize in his own hand writing. What do you think my Muslim and Pakistani brothers! would your king, president, prime minister or even only member of parliament write a letter like this. So we will remain down trodden and western countries will progress ahead and will continue to lead the world.

Indian Actress Nagma, A Congress Candidate Was Publicly Molested By Her Own Party Leader

Indian actress Nagma, who is contesting as congress candidate in the next upcoming general election in the country, was publicly molested by her own party leader. The actress-turned- politician was shocked, when the local Congress leader Gajraj Sharma misbehaved her publicly during a poll compaign in Hapur Uttar Pradesh. Nagma take aback when MLA Gajraj Sharma grabbed her and kissed in front of hundreds of people gathered. Highly annoyed by MLA's nasty behaviour, Nagma fling his hand off her and freed herself from his grip. She then walked away without addressing his supporters.
Nagma was fuming wit anger as the MLA tried to take the advantage of the crowd around them during the meeting. The actress was so angry that she walked directly to the waiting vehicle and drove away.
MLA's act has been caught on camera and had been condemned by some of the women activists who are demanding his apology now. Nagma is a Lok Sabha Candidate from Meerut in the upcoming elections.

Direct Dialogue Between Government Committee And Taliban Will Be Held Today

Talks between Taliban and government committee are expected to be held today, some where in FR Bannu. Exact place is being kept secret. Taliban committee will include Azam Tariq, Amir Moawia, Zain Ullah and Ehsan Ullah Ehsan. The agenda of the talks with Taliban was discussed in a meeting under the chairmanship of interior minister in which DG ISI Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam also participated. Senator Saleh Shah also reached to Wana, he will host the guests. The list of demands has also been prepared by the government committee that include the release of sons of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Salman Tasir (late) as well as Dr Ajmal Khan.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Imran Khan's Ex-Wife Jemima Denies Rumour Of Her Engagement

Pakistani Politician's Ex-wife Jemima Khan today denied rumours of her alleged engagement to British comedian cum actor Russel Brand. The news of her being affianced to Brand were taking rounds at Pakistani and international media channel while the one time journalist denied such reports by tweeting denial on her Twitter account, Express News reported. According to a report in Daily Mail earlier this year, Russel made his feelings about Jemima very clear. Speaking on the Jonathan Ross Show he said, ' I am going to be really kind in this relationship. I have not been out there trying to nail every one.' He continued, ' I am very very happy in a relationship that feels different from anything I have experienced before. I feel like it is grounded in friendship and love and it is all well cool and exciting and stuff, but it feels different for me. 'She is gorgeous, beautiful woman. I am still superficial. I will still only go out with top crumpet', he joked.
Pakistani media focussed its cameras on Jemima Khan, who had arrived to attend a press conference of her ex-husband and cricket-turned politician Imran Khan. Imran Khan seemed a to be a little hesitant when he had to mention Jemima's name. " Jemima will apprise the world of the people being killed by US drone attacks through her documentary." Khan told the media. PTI chef criticized the government for violating All Parties Conference (APC) regarding US attacks.

Kylie Jenner Pleaded For Privacy This Week

The Keeping Up With Kardashians star pleaded for privacy this week. Tweeting that she is only 16, and she made a decision to keep as much as her life as personal as possible, while filming episode for E!. Then she went out and put a bikini photo of herself posing with Hailey Baldwin online. Kylie, of course has been posting intimate pictures of herself on Instagram for month now. While Jenner is also sharing her bikini photos with friends and selfies of her butt. If she wants her private life to remain private.. perhaps she should stop sharing so much of it on internet. And here is a look of many examples Kylie
and her sister are doing just the opposite. While Kendall Jenner has taken more intimate selfies on Instagram.
Oh! Kylie Jenneer. The young reality star show off black bra in this photo for some reason.
Kendall Jenner proudly poses in here in a bikini. Think she is too young to strike such a pose.
Kylie Jenner shows off her bikini body in the above photos. She is only 16-years-old, so take it easy.
Kendall Jenner has posted another racy shot of herself on Instagram. Is she seen wearing clothes here.?