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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sex Education Is Being Offered Recently In Limited Number Of Pakistani Girl Schools

Though common in Western schools, sex education has been offered recently in limited number of Pakistani girl schools. It offers conservative young girls "better" education on puberty, rights issue and self defence. "We can not close our eyes" Akbar Lashari head of vilage Shadabad Organisation in Sindh which runs eight schools in which 700 girl students have been enrolled. "This is people do not want to talk about, but it is a fact of our life." Remaining as a taboo in Pakistan few institutions provide organised sex education and in some places it has been banned. Recently sex education has been offered in poverty-stricken Johi village in Sindh province. The lessons sponsored by BHP Billiton, an Australian mining company that operates nearby a gas plant, include educating girls who turn eight about how they will change during puberty. Sarah Baloch a teacher at the school said she hopes to girls understand what growing up means. It means that Lashari organisation is sponsored by NGO's foreign money that they also distribute among the poor parents of of the girls for this education and poor parents keep silent on this shameful lessons. Otherwise the Sindhis will never let the NGOs to teach such lessons to their innocent immature girls. Talking openly about sex is strictly prohibited in Islam. The tradition in villages has been making the girls know about menstruation and other puberty related issues to the daughters by mothers or grand mothers and that has been successfully practiced since centuries.

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