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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hoax News About Malaysian Plane Is Being Spread On Twitter And Facebook

"Malaysian Airline Found" that is the title of a hoax news that is being spread on Twitter and Facebook. The link leads you to a website called caught on camera and forces you to share the link in order to reveal the video. Trying closing the link without sharing another window will pop up, saying " Please click the image above and share us on Facebook to close" Even as the fate of 239 passengers and crew members aboard Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight remains unknown, there does nor seem any dearth of heartless scamsters willing to cash in on the viral effect of the incident. In fact not one but several different hoax sites are spreading such false rumours, enticing users click on the links and share on Facebook and other social networking sites. another video link points out that the missing flight has been traced to the Bermuda triangle. an online web portal that alerts netizens of email hoaxes has already listed this one and warns users not to click on any of these links. Facebook Survey Scam--' Malaysian MH370 Plane Found In Bermuda Triangle' According to the website the message is a callous scam designed to trick Facebook users into promoting the bogus material via Facebook shares and participating in bogus online surveys and says the scam message uses a photograph of a Lion Air passenger plane that crashed into the sea when landing on Bali in April 2013. As the plane has been missing for the last seven days, meanwhile, online forums have been full of conspiracy theories about the missing flight ranging from terrorist attack to military shooting down the flight to extra-terrestrial intervention.

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