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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

An Asian VIP Is Behind The Missing Malaysian Plane's Conspiracy--- Kuwaiti Activist

An outspoken Kuwaiti female activist, reputed for her controversial views, claims she has information that will lead to the missing Malaysian plane and that an Asian Important Personality is behind what she described as flight's disaster. In a You Tube film published in regional newspapers, Salwa Al Mutari said she will reveal information about the passenger aircraft only when she receives formal request. She said an Asian unnamed man was aboard the flight and that he had not revealed himself, and adding that he is between he age of 40 to 60 years. "The disaster happened because of this man. I will not not disclose further information before I am contacted by official parties," she said. Addressing Britain, Mutari said the disappearance of Malaysian flight presented a chance for her to prove her capabiliy, adding, " Britain is a civilized country. I think their reaction to what I am saying will be calculated and without arrogance." "Can not Malaysia send a representative of their embassy to me to reveal the fate of missing flight instead of sending 40 planes in search of it and to drag the whole world into this problem which I can easily resolve," she said. Believe me I can resolve this problem once Malaysians officially ask me to... many people have already asked me to interfere but I refused unless there is a formal request.

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