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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Farrah Abraham Looks a lot different After Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham looks a lot different after plastic surgery. To say te least. Her nose, her chin, her forehead... you name it. The Farrah of Backdoor Teen Mom fame is turning gradually but noticeably into Kim Kardashian (or Heidi Montag), before our eyes and it is a little scary. We are not just talking about the similarities between the Kim Kardashian's s'x tape and Farrah's s'x tape/porno. She is starting to look like Kimberley. Her hilariously fake boobs have obviously been reshaped... but her face!? The first picture above as noted by Fishwrapper was taken by photographer J Anthony, who had her model for motorcycle-themed shoot back in 2011. Three years later (second picture). Comment rendered unnecessary. We realize she was 19 ten and 22 now, and that is a significant portion of her still young life. No one's face change that quickly due to age alone. That is what identity-alerting plastic surgery does to you. Seriously, if it were not for these awesome photos of Farrah Abrahan crying through the years, we would swear this was a different human/ blow up doll:. Farrah Abraham know how to cry. Gotta love
this recurring scene. Farrah Abrah is crying again in the photo below. We are not
surprised neither you should be.
Farrah Abraham straight up bawling on Couples Therapy. Not to be confused with BALLING James Dean. Courtsy (THG)

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