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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Truth Is Bitter Always Mr Speaker!

As nearly all of the parliamentarians are rejecting the Jamshaid's allegations and are abusing him, it means there is something wrong at the bottom. What is that wrong! Dasti will open it on Monday. Whereas, the sanctity of Pakistani parliament is concerned ask the common man of Pakistan what are his views about the parliament. Mr speaker! You said you have no concern with the affairs of members that what they do in their rooms, and you would not take action about their private matters. It mean they do something you might be knowing already. It may be one or more but they are elected members. They are questionable by the people whom they represent and the nation. This type of allegations are not even tolerated in the most morally corrupt Western countries of the world for presidents, prime ministers or parliamentarians. What to speak of an so-called Islamic country that has Islamic constitution in written form. Why is it shameful for you if members undergo tests?. On other side Dasti said in a press conference that a room in the lodges has been alloted to a federal minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi but a former MNA and a minister are sharing the room together. In an Islamic country a woman live in a room with a "Namahram" man?. He added that he was a son of a beldar (Labourer) and has his fight with feudal lords. He said if Speaker did not take any action he will take this case to the supreme court. Because after the statement of interior minister he is sure that action would not be taken on his complaint. Is it not strange that clean shaven Dasti has noticed the immoral activities, why the religious members who live in the lodges did not notice it, if noticed then why did not they lodge complaint about this matter?.

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