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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Old Creditor's Reaction To Young Girl's Marriage Offer To Clear Her Dad's Debt

What has happened in a Saudi town recently could only take place in films and the incident itself could be a good plot for movie focusing on gallantry and nobility. A girl in her 20s offered to marry a man who is 40 years older than her just to save her father from a long jail term because of debt. After failing to pay his debt of SAR 3 million (Dh 2.95 million). The girl's father was arrested and faced many years in prison unless he he settled his debt. But the father from the central province of Al Qaseem told the creditor he can not afford paying back, prompting his creditor to pursue lawsuit against him. Fearing for her father, his sole daughter phoned the creditor and told him she was ready to marry him if he drops the case against her father, who is also old. "She told him her dowry is SR three million and he agreed. But he told her that he is much older than her and that he already has three wives. Yet she agreed to marry him", the Arabic language daily Al- Watan said. They then agreed to meet at her house. She called a scholar to perform marriage rites and waited for the old man, who came later with a lawyer. After a chat of nearly one hour, the creditor congratulated the girl for her brave and noble attitude in trying to help her father, but he told her he would not marry her because he wanted her to marry a man near to her age. He then wrote a cheque for Sr three million and gave the sum to the girl as a gift for her future marriage. He dropped his case against his father and asked Allah to Bless this girl, who he described as a phenomenon that may not be repeated.

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