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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some Politicians With Unlikeliest Backgrounds

*-- The Porn Star Who Served In The Italian Parliament:-
Hungarian adult film star Ilona Staller (a.k.a. Cecciolina ) served for five years in the Italian parliament aptly named Radical Party. La Cecciolina ("Cuddles") was certainly unique. Never one to be shy,t his blonde bombshell was the first woman to expose her breasts on Italian TV. She often delivered speeches with one breast exposed and continued to make X-rated films while still in office. During Gulf War, Cecciolina offered offered herself to then Iraqi president Saddam Hussain in return for peace in the region. This was perhaps te highlight of her administration. She also founded " Party of Love"- with fellow porn star Moanna Pozzi -to fight for the legislation of brothels, the formation of 'love parks' and better sex education. When her term ended in 1992, Cecciolina was re-elected. Perhaps she summed it up best when she stated," My breasts have never done anyone any harm, while USA's war against Ben Laden has caused thousands of victims." *-- From Love Boat To US House Of Representatives:-
Fred Grandy might be known by the people as Gopher, the cruise ship purser wearing white shorts and knee high socks on the classic TV sitcom, The Love Boat. Although he was successful as an actor on the camp television show, Grandy had already worked in politics-- as Rep Wiley Maine's speech writer in his home state of Iowa. After the series' end in 1986, Grandy became a politician when he was elected into the US House of Representatives same year. No down time for Gopher. Grandy served four terms. He is most proud of his support of welfare reforms and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
In the above picture Grandy is with cast of The Love Boat. *-- The Brazilian Clown Who Became A Popular Congressman:- Sure, every politician acts like a clown, but this one actually was a clown before becoming a political figure. Born with the odds against him, Brazillian Francisco Everado
Oliveira Silva--better known as Tiririca- was born in one the country's poorest areas. He dropped out of school at age nine to join circus as a clown. Noting the success of his singing performance, circus help fund an album for him. His album Florentina became a great success, selling over 1.5 million copies. Tiririca found further success as a humorist on television when his musical career went in decline. In 2010 Tiririca announced he will run for National Congress after being invited by Brazilian Republic Party. Some may called the former clown illiterate and a joke by running, but he became the most-voted-for Congressman in the election, winning a seat for Sao Paulo State. Tiririca had the last laugh, and became the most-hard-working congressman in Brazil. He criticised the ineffectiveness of other politicians saying, " You pass whole days here doing nothing, just waiting to vote on something while people argue and argue."

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