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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Meera And Her Husband's Video Sparked Controversy When Released On Internet

A homemade video of Meera and Her husband sparked a controversy when it was released on internet a couple of months ago. Now the court has issued an arrest warrant against actress and her husband. The judge issued the order on a petition which accused meera and her husband Naveed of committing a sin by filming their intimate moments. The petitioner alleged that the couple is spreading obscenity in the society and urged the court to make example of them. However, Naveed remains defiant and say there is no need of hue and cry about the video since they are married. While Meera said it is fake video. The video went viral and has been uploaded to several websites by unidentified over the last few days. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has cut off the access to the video following a request from Meera.

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