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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Indian Actress Nagma, A Congress Candidate Was Publicly Molested By Her Own Party Leader

Indian actress Nagma, who is contesting as congress candidate in the next upcoming general election in the country, was publicly molested by her own party leader. The actress-turned- politician was shocked, when the local Congress leader Gajraj Sharma misbehaved her publicly during a poll compaign in Hapur Uttar Pradesh. Nagma take aback when MLA Gajraj Sharma grabbed her and kissed in front of hundreds of people gathered. Highly annoyed by MLA's nasty behaviour, Nagma fling his hand off her and freed herself from his grip. She then walked away without addressing his supporters.
Nagma was fuming wit anger as the MLA tried to take the advantage of the crowd around them during the meeting. The actress was so angry that she walked directly to the waiting vehicle and drove away.
MLA's act has been caught on camera and had been condemned by some of the women activists who are demanding his apology now. Nagma is a Lok Sabha Candidate from Meerut in the upcoming elections.

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