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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Super President Of A Super Power

We the Muslims strictly believe that the only super power in the Universe is one and only one tat is Allah the Almighty, the Creator of the Universe and all the living and non-living things there in. But He bestows the supermacy of the worldly things to those who have just and honest deeds. There is no restriction for Him to hand over power whether the powered is Muslim or Non-Muslim. Because every thing in the Universe is His Creation and the Creator likes all of his creations. He is a Great Judge. The United States of America justifies to be a Super Power Bestowed By Allah. Though the USA is cruel, selfish, dishonest for other nations, It is the cause of all the restlessness and wars in the world. But as for as its justice and kindness to its own citizen is concerned, USA certainly cares for its own people only. Let us look at an example in the following paragraph. The president of the USA, Barack Obama was addressing a function at the University of Texas where he stressed the students to study for securing technical degrees, which will help them in their practical life, instead of having degrees in the subjects like Art History etc. But the professor of Art History Ann Clones Jones did not like president's remarks and sent an email to White House showing her reservations and terming Obama;s remarks as inappropriate. After emailing to the president, Ann Colnes forgot about it. But she got stunned when after a few days she received a regretting/ apology letter from the president in his own hand writing which she did not think of. President had apologized in written on his remarks in the university. President had written, " I apologize on my remarks. I had said that referring to the jobs opportunities, I did not mean to deny the importance of Art History. Art history was my favourite subject in school time and it helped me a lot in my practical life. Please convey my apology to the whole department on my behalf. Please try to understand I was only encouraging those students who had no aptitude for arts education." Professor Ann said that she did not expect president would reply and apologize in his own hand writing. What do you think my Muslim and Pakistani brothers! would your king, president, prime minister or even only member of parliament write a letter like this. So we will remain down trodden and western countries will progress ahead and will continue to lead the world.

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