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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dasti Will Present Proofs About His Accusations To Speaker On Monday

On the disclosure of liqour, prohibited drugs and dances in parliament lodges, deputy speaker has sought report from DIG security. DIG security told the Deputy speaker that security officials have no power to search the members, because they are afraid of being discharged from service. An empty wine bottle was also thrown outside the room of Jamshaid Dasti that had some drops of liqour. Dasti said he got the video of immoral activities from a "drunk" member that he will present to speaker. On other side CDA director parliament lodges Ishrat Warsi has been transferred and appointed director maintenance and Ali Murad has been appointed as director parliament lodges. Meanwhile member national assembly and chairman standing committee for parliamentary affairs Mian Abdul Manan said accusing the parliament Dasti has injured the sanctity of the house (If house has any sacredness). He said why did not Dasti spoke out when Aishwarya Rai performed dance in parliament lodges (It means the practice of immoral activities in the lodges are carried since long). In a program on private TV channel, Dasti showing an empty bottle of wine said that he had coolected a bag fuul of bottles from the outside of the rooms of members. he said i did not enter any body's room but bottles were collected around the lodges. It has also been known that a report about the immoral activities carried out in the lodges had already been sent to authorities concerned by police special branch. Interior ministry was also told about the report but no action was taken on the report due to some unknown reasons. Sources told to a newspaper that girls from Central Asian countries namely Fatma, Alia, Zarifa and Samine regularly usee to visit parliament lodges. Minister for state bid Sher Ali terming Dasti as Veena Malik said he wanted to gain cheaper fame through charging the parliament with baseless accusations. He said Dasti is mentally imbalanced. Reacting on terming him as veena Malik Dasti said these type of woman are the product of Lahore and faisalabad. He said the factual position of Abid Sher Ali is that his father swalloed the salaries of hundreds of sweapers for which he was jailed for five years. Sources say if Dasti could not prove he allegations he can be deprived of the membership of national assembly.

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