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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Military Opposes Release Of Taliban Leaders Dr Usman And Muslim Khan

The differences between government and the military deepened on the Taliban's demand of master mind of attack of GHQ Dr Usman, in which more than 50 army officials and civilians were killed and the close aid of Amir of Taliban Maulvi Fazl Ullal's close aide Muslim Khan. Both are in the custody of army. Despite all the cooperation with the government regarding dialogue with Taliban, army has strictly opposed this demand of Taliban. This situation has put prime minister under high pressure. Sources say that prime minister is under severe crisis in the the history on the matter of handling Taliban's affairs. , due to lack of decision. As government's position got weakened due to Monday's suicide attack in district courts, before the army. Due to this tension prime minister deputed Nisar Ali Khan to talk to army chief. But it is nearly impossible for army to release these two Taliban leaders. Army should not because Taliban can not be trusted after courts attack they may quit dialogue after release of their companions making some excuses. If Taliban are serious in peace talks they should themselves search and present the culprits of Monday's attack to the government. They must know who the courts attackers were. Those people are definetely known to Taliban. They have contacts with each other at some stages. Government must put this condition to Taliban to present those people then government should think about the release of prisoners. Because an incident like that Monday may happen again. Taliban must give guarantee about no attack of any sort on any place by any group.

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