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Friday, December 11, 2015

Old-man Marries 12-year-old Bride In Labenon

When an man old enough to be a grandfather allegedly got married to a 12 year-old bride there were stark reactions from the people happened to be upon the scene on a street in Labenon. When the people passed by the child bride and grey-haired groom as the couple were busy in posing for the photographs near the seaside, people actually stopped by-some to offer congratulations -others to berate the man for daring to take up child bride. The little bride was enveloped in white gown and veil which seemed too big for her small size. While the video was just a stunt by a charity group called KAFA, to highlight the underage weddings in Labenon, the mixed reaction from the people was a revelation. One man threatened to overthrow the man in the nearby sea, While another man asked "is she yours' Congratulations. A few passersby asked the girl if she really wanted to marry the old man. Even the man playing the part of wedding photographer was criticised. However, the report does not disclose the names of the couple and about the consent of their parents.

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