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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sooraj Pancholi Removed Jiah's Foetus Aiding Her Abortion

Jiah's mother, Rabi Khan had moved higher court alleging foul play in her daughter's death and the court has subsequently asked the CBI to investigate. The charge sheet revealed chilling details about the actress' pregnancy; how her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi aided her in the subsequent abortion; and how the termination of her pregnancy left her emotional wreck, possibly leading to her suicide.
It is reported Jiah was four weeks pregnant when she informed Pancholi about it. The couple approached a physician and then gynaecologist who prescribed medicines but that did not work. Taking medicines Jiah started haemarrhaging and called Pancholi for help but he did took her to hospital due to fear of their relationship to become public and took the matter in his hands. Sharge sheetsays he extricated the foetus and disposed it off in the toilet. This act left a deep emotional scar on Jiah.

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