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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PEMRA Rules Are Violated Like All Other Rules In Pakistan

It is yet to be seen whether the new chief Absar Alam of {akistan Electronic Regulatory Authority will take some action against the illegal DTH users in Pakistan or fails to do so like his predessesors. According to different sources illegal DTH active users base in Pakistan is approximately 3.5 to 4.5 million. Approximately the amount of 350 - 450 million US dollars is being paid out of Pakistan annually in lieu of DTH recharge through illegal sources like Hawala (reference) and Hundi via Dubai, Singapore and then India. In this way Pakistan is being deprived of taxes that are not paid against DTH services provided in Pakistan. Average price of recharge in Pakistan is Rs 700-1300. Even cable operators in Pakistan are providing DTH services with dish TV labels illegally and getting unnoticed and overlooked. PEMRA is bound to take strict action against such issues where Indian Dish TV services are providing Indian channels openly in Pakistan, but PEMRA never took any action against this sort of illegal activity. Illegal DTH dealers and distributors are working in Pakistan without any check and balance and no Pakistani authority has taken this serious issue into consideration. Many such dealers and distributors are working in major cities and across Pakistan and are openly involved in sales and distribution of illegal DTH. In G-11 Markaz of capital city Islamabad right in the basement of Soneri Bank Ltd you can find a dealer who is openly dealing with DTH. Similarly, in Blue Area Islamabad, Imperial market Rawalpindi, Hall Road Lahore, Saddar Market in Karachi, Gujrat, Sargodha and Gojar Khan, infact everywhere in Pakistan DTH is being sold openly without being checked. Currently DTH boxes are imported through Afghanistan to Hayatabad Peshawar and then to all Pakistan. The web portals hosted by people in Dubai are contacted by Pakistani dealers for registration and and online recharge of illegal DTH. code-10

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