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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bigg Boss 9--- Prince Narula And Nora Fetehi's New Found Love? Fake or Real

The love birds have come really close in no time. Prince Narula is a player! and he can go up to any extent to win a game and there is no denying to that. But it is not understood if he is actually wanting to have a girlfriend or it is just a fling to sustain on a reality show like Bigg Boss 9. Yes, it is all about his sudden affection to Nora Fetehi that has become the hot topic of discussion right now. For all this is known two are being more than just friends by exchanging kisses, hugs, late night conversation and all that leads to love or something more. We mean Prince might be really fond of her and he h? as every right to express his feelings. But it is really strange how quickly he is changing sides be it with friends or girlfriends. If it is recollected then did not he try the same trick with Yuvika Chaudhary at the start of the show? Remember the heart shaped parathas and and the overdose of flattery! He would even react aggressively if anyone tried messing up with Yuvika at that point in time. Now same is repeating with Nora! He is not only putting in efforts to impress fans but is securing her and giving her all the attention like there is no tomorrow. Now it is not understandable how genuinely they feel for each other? The success mantra to win the title is relationship, romance, and drama. Prince might be using all this for advantage.

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