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Monday, December 14, 2015

Military Rulers In Thailand Detained Man On Facebook Infographics

Thailand's Junta arrested a second man for sharing an infographic on Facebook about a growing corruption scandal over a public park that has shaken the Kingdom\s military rulers. The 25-year-old, identified by Thai media as Thanet Anantawong shared the infographic about Rajabhakti Park, a multi-million dollars project built by military under the construction contracts allegedly riddled with kickbacks. The generals partially justified their coup last year to curb endemic corruption among politicians and protect the royal family. The park in the seaside resort town of Hua Hin was intended as a tribute to monarchy, but has become engulfed in graft scandal that has undermined the junta's anti-corruption pledges. The junta leadership including prime minister Pray Chan O Cha has insisted there was no graft related to the park. But the accusations have still swirled in the local media, transfixing the country where dissent has become rare. Last week another man was also arrested and charged with the lese majeste for clicking 'like' on doctored photo of the king.

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