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Friday, January 30, 2015

Playboy Model's Father Commits Suicide After Daughter's Nude Shoot

A Romanian playboy model, Loredana Chivu believe her first racy shoot is responsible for her father's suicide. She posed in the Romanian edition of playboy when she was 18, but her her relations with her father became strained afterwards. Chivu, 25, said her father became infuriated after learning that she had posed nude for Playboy edition six years ago, when she was 18.
Chivu has always close relationship with father, but she says that changed and they stopped talking. Later she discovered him dead in his home, apparently due to her nude photo shoot.
She said he had not left suicide note and everybody said up to the end he seemed cheerful, and it was a complete mystery as to why he would do like that.

China Facing Serious Crisis Due To lack of Girls

The health authorities in China describe the imbalance between the number of sexes in newborns in the country " the most dangerous and longest crisis in the world". The imbalance is the direct result of the strict policy of begetting 'one child' family. . Traditions in China favours male born, many families attend to abortion of female fetuses so that the only child for the family would become a male. Therefore about 118 male born versus with 100 females with a world average ratio of 103 males. The National Committee of Health and Family Planning said it will tighten the supervision to determine the sex of the fetus which is prohibited in China. It said women send blood samples abroad to identify the sex of the fetus. The researchers warned that the imbalance in number of sexes may lead to destabilize the marriage opportunities for men, which increases the risk of social unrest and violent behaviour. Many analysts say the one child family policy has led to the reduction in volume of employment in the country, which hurt the economic growth.

Zarb e Hazb Has Forced IS, Al-Qaeda And IMU To Move Into Afghanistan

Operation conducted by Pakistan military has forced Islamic State, Al-Qaeda and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) to move into Afghanistan. At least 400 IMU and Al-Qaeda affiiated families have crossed into Afghanistan, who now live in the houses of locals in the lawless parts of the country. Haji Abdul Azizi from Sangin district of Helmand province hosted a family for one night who spoke Arabic and claimed to be Is loyalist. This family consisted of six men, seven women and two children some of whom spoke Pashto. The women were armed and took turn to keep watch on each other during the night. Te local people say they try to enforce their own brand of Islam which clashes woth the local traditions. The armed outsiders, travelling with families have settled in Ghazni, Zabul and Farah. They have occupied previously vacant houses with the help of local Taliban. While, international forces have no firsthand knowledge of their activities. The groups oved to Farah district are wealthy, who have re branded themselves under the banner of IS and have set up training centres in the locality 'Khak e Sufaid'(White Land) district. They have not fought yet against government or Taliban but they are actively busy in training. US military maintains a limited presence in Afghanistan and have limited visibility into the activity of militants in the country's hinterland after the withdrawal of combat forces.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wife Of Boxer Aamir Khan's Wife Announces To Launch YouTube Channel

New Yorker Faryal Makhdoom has been in the news ever since she married boxer Aamir Khan in 2012 and has developed her own huge fans following. Fans had asked questions from upcoming celebrity about everything: from her whirlwind romance with the Boltan-based athlete to how she puts on winged eyeliner so perfectly. Now, the 23-year-old fashion icon has launched her YouTube channel, in which she promises to give viewers a glimpse into her jet-set life.
Faryal Makhdoom Khan Launches Her YouTube... by faryalxmakhdoom In the first video we can see Faryal doing her make up and playfully scaring unsuspecting Khan by jumping out from behind a wall. " I am so excited to be sharing all this with you so enjoy the roller-coaster-from travelling with my world-famous husband to my every day make up tutorials". Gushed Faryal in video. The couple's first child named Lamaisah was born on May 23, 2014. She said I want people to get to know me and instead of judging me they can get to know me how I am through videos.

Financial Resources Of Pakistani Taliban

A few years ago in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK), local police station was informed that dacoits had fled after looting millions of rupees from a bank. The police was smart enough to catch those fleeing on a bridge and after counter firing all the four daciots were killed and looted money was recovered. It was revealed that the killed persons were the members of a defunct TTP. Its group named " Black Night" was involved in the attack. After a few days the suicidal bombers husband and wife entered in the same police station and detonated themselves in the police station, killing nine officials. This incident indicates that Taliban had entered into the world of crimes to purchase arms and to continue their activities. Then how do they claim that they will implement Sharia if come into power?. It is right that in our country the justice system is weaker, there is no rule of law, and only poor are gripped into claws of law. It is correct too that 'jihad' can be done against injustice and brutalities, but it has some limitations too. Is there any example during he era of our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or Caliphate reign that Islamic army entered into mosques, churches or targeted unarmed civilians, children or women or killed non-Muslims.? Today, extortion, trading in drugs, kidnapping for ransom, selling of forest trees and woods, looting and thefts are the major sources of their income. According to intelligece sources before the commencement of 'Zarb e Hazb' in June 2014, in North Waziristan TTP had set up a complete network of earning income through crime in whole of the country. This network included their secret supporters, criminals and Pakistani Taliban were included. Afghanistan is the main centre of opium cultivation and production of heroine, in the world. The Afghan Taliban (Real) could really be credited that they had eliminated the production of opium, during their era. But now thousands of Afghanis have made the cultivation opium as their basic source of income. Opium and heroine is smuggled to foreign countries via Central Asia, Iran and Pakistan. The traders involved in drugs give fixed extortion money to the Taliban of each area to protect their material and sent safely to destination without any hindrance. According to a report only Pakistani Taliban earn Rs 10-20 billion from extortion money from traders. Pakistan is trying to stop the drug business through its borders because because 10 % of the heroine is used in Pakistan that is making Pakistani youth addict to it. Pakistani Taliban also get money from smuggling tobacco, cars, arms and garments. Actually local smugglers also smuggle different items worth billion of rupees and give extortion money to Pakistani Taliban for the safe passage of their smuggled goods and to run their business smoothly. Taliban get 20 % of their income in the shape of this money. Similarly, when Taliban firmed their steps in KPK, they asked Sikh businessmen to give Rs 10 million annually (As Jazya- the money collected from minorities during Caliphate in Islamic state) otherwise their lives will be unsafe. In the cities they demanded extortion from industrialists, landlords and other rich persons. When Taliban controlled a wide area in Waziristan, they destroyed the forests and sold timber on cheaper rates and deprived the whole area of the trees. Several Pakistani circle consider India responsible for destabilising Pakistan by providing financial assistance to Pakistani Taliban, especially in Balochistan.

Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar Resigned

Former governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar rejected the reports that prime minister has taken resignation from him adding that he himself tendered resignation. Former governor addressed a press conference after resignation and expressed grief over wrong reporting of his resignation. He said he has no no differences with prime minister Nawaz Sharif and chief minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. Former governor said that for the purpose he had come to Pakistan to serve the people was not fulfilling as governor's post is ceremonial. Sarwar said four months ago he was going to resign but Rana Sana Ullah said as the country was in crisis due to the sit-ins of Tehreek e Insaaf so the time was suitable for the resignation. However, Prime Minister had decided to change the governor already and had take notice of his statement. In his statement Chaudhry Sarwar had criticised foreign office the US president Obama's recent visit to India and declared it failure of Pakistan's foreign policy.

Selfies Are Sinful In Islam---Indonesian Cleric

an Indonesian Muslim cleric posted a tweet in which he declared selfies sinful under Islamic law. He posted a series of Tweets in which he explained why it is sinful under Islamic law. Siauw wrote in these days many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just where is the purity in women? Siauw also said " because selfie-takers are desperate for social media views, they were being ostentatious. And because taking a selfie makes people feel 'cooler' we have fallen in to the worst sin of all-arrogance". Following his Twitter posts there was a huge backlash against his messages by the Indonesians. Hundreds have posted elfies on social media using hashtag # Selfie4Siauw.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some Of The Laziest Criminals Ever

Unless you are a mattress tester you should never fall asleep on the job. That is particularly true if the job involves breaking the law. There are surprisingly high number of who were found sleeping in the houses they broke into. Actor Robert Downey Jr. made his longtime drug addiction embarrassingly public on July 16, 1996, by accidentally falling asleep in his Malibu neighbour's house- in a child's bed. Here are some of the examples of sleeping criminals. * Mark Smith snuck past a homeowner while she was ironing, and was discovered hours later when she saw his legs sticking out from under her bed. When the cops arrived, they found criminal passed out and were unable to rouse him from his drug-induced slumber. * Dion Davis grabbed a bag of jewelry from his victim's house before passing out right on the bed with his stolen goodies besides him. He did not even wake up when maid discovered him or when the police arrived and started taking his pictures. **-- Forgetting to flush the toilet after you go to number two is not just a bad etiquette, it is also a great way to leave DNA sample behind. Charles William should have learnt the manners because leaving the toilet unflushed in a home where he stole $1,000 worth of property was precisely what got him caught. The sample was almost lost when the family returned home and the children discovered it- they flushed the toilet before police arrived. However, William left a used toilet paper and police were able to use that to get DNA sample. **--
Many of us forget to log out of social media profiles when we are at home, and it easy enough to forget to log out even when you are at friend's home. But you are in a stranger's home, you probably should not be checking Facebook in the first place. If someone wants to lead a life of crime and can not break his social media habit long enough to commit said crime, at least remember to log out and turn off the computer so his profile could be easily accessible to the police and the victim. Thief Nick Wigg just did this and was caught when victim James wood recognised him from the Facebook profile. Wigg was even wearing the clothes he stole from Wood in his profile picture. Believe it or not three other crimes were solved in this way. So, may be criminals should consider not using Facebook if they are too forgetful to log off while committing a crime.

Homeless Women In Australia Endure Assault Having No Other Alternative

Homeless women in Melbourne, Australia are reportedly being abused by men who seek sexual favour in return for shelter. Women feel obliged to provide sexual favour to men who offer them accommodation because they have no where else to go. The government is considering funding a new program to solve the issue. It has become a given that such women offer sex to get somewhere to stay. A teenager was quoted as saying that she was forced to leave home due her mother's abusive partner as she had to endure three ausiv relationships and she had no alternative so she tolerated in one incident, they assaulted and even filmed her. Nationally, there are about 105,000 homeless people, women comprising a-third of people sleeping rough and a quarter of people in rooming houses.

Islamophobia In The USA

A report published in ToyBox said, disparaging advertisements targeting Muslims are beng covered with pictures of Marvel's fame Muslim superhero on San Francisco buses. Advertisement compaigns promoting hatred against certain groups or a particular gender category are not new ones to the majority in the United States, but those who were under the impression that comics have no empirical or social advantages should think again. Posters carrying slogans about "Muslim-Jew Hatred" have been plastered with messages of acceptance and courtesy on behalf of Marvel's signature, Muslim superhero character Ms Marvel.
The original posters put up on buses focus on what their compaigners consider "Muslin Hatred". One of the ads equated Muslims with the Nazis as a photo on a poster showing Adolf Hitler discussion with former Arab leader Haji Amin-Al-Hussaini, indicated. The aid given to Muslim countries is also firmly condemned in one of the posters with text reading " Two-thirds of all US aid goes to Muslim countries. Stop Racism. End all aids to Islamic countries." The group behind the ads is the American division of Freedom Defence initiative who is notoriously labeled as "Hate Group" especially in the United Kingdom. One of the posters reveal blatant support for Israel war against Palestine with a punchline of a poster reading in bold words, "Support Israel, Defeat Jihad". The particular compaign saw its end with the arrival of Kamala Khan.
Kamala Khan is a Marvel character who came in the limelight for being the American publishing giant's debut Muslim superhero and one who was titles "Ms Marvel" in 2013.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some Hair-Raising Revelations About Ahmad Chinoy

A team of Sindh Rangers' Special Task Force raided the residence of Citizens-Police Laison Committee (CPLC) Chief Ahmed Chinoy in Defence area of Karachi on the charges of detaining a kidnapped boy's mother at his home, some important revelations have come to fore about CPLC chief. Sources said that the role of Ahmad Chinoy had been controversial since the very first day of his appointment as CPLC chief. Chinoy is said to be blue-eyed boy of Governor Sindh Dr Ishrat ul Ibad Khan, due to which he has been occupying the office for the last many years in violations of relevant laws. Sources said in 2002, Chinoy worked in a low profile local Urdu Daily, Public News, as a sub-editor. which was headed by his brother Jaffer Chinoy as Editor. After developing differences with his brother he left journalism and joined CPLC in 2004 and rose to the position of CPLC chief in 2009. They said in 2002, Chinoy travelled in PIA on discounted fare under "Jouralist Discount". Sources added that as per laws the tenure ofCPLC Chief's is of one year but he is holding the office since 2009 for being the Governor's 'guy'. The sources said that in 2011, a woman resident of Orangi had submitted an application to ppolice stating that Chinoy had received ransom money from her for giving to kidnapper for releasing her kidnapped relative. But she complained that despite receiving the money he did not hand over the kidnapped man to them. There are also serious allegations against Chinoy of misusing his office. Sources said that in 2010 Chinoy acquired a chartered plane for the marriage of his brother by misusing his office. The sources said that most serious allegations came regarding the dubious role in releasing of Pakistanis detained by Somali pirates. They claimed that Chinoy along with Governor Sindh Ishrat ul Ibad Khan and humen right activist Ansaar Burney collected donations from philanthropists and general public. Chinoy had allegedly been in direct contact with the pirates. Under the garb of collecting donations for release of detained Pakistanis, actually the trio had pocketed a huge amount of money, they alleged. They pointed out that CPLC was the only non-governmental organisation of the country having office at Governor House, but has been turned into an organisation spying for a Karachi-based political party. They further said that Chinoy had been a member of MQM and former Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza also raised the isse in 201 and had warned him against serving MQM's interests. They also said that after joining CPLC there has been a marked improvement in his financial position and now he he is carrying out his business in Karachi stock exchange.
On the other hand former chief of CPLC Jameel Yousuf alleged that the incumbent management of CPLC severed a serious blow to the credibility of the organisation by politicizing it. He also lashed out at incumbent CPLC chief for giving public ransom for releasing Pakistanis held by Somali pirates, saying it not only gave negative message at home but at international level. Yousuf was also critical of paying money for release without following relevant regulations and standards.

Third Of Saudi Women Are Unmarried

Nearly third of Saudi women have not married, although they have exceeded the age of 30 years. 'Makkah' Arabic language daily estimated that there are about 4.6 million adult women in the Gulf Kingdom of nearly 30 million people. It cited figures by Weaam family care association showing that 1.5 million women have not married yet although they are above 30 years old. This figures accounts for nearly 33.4 per cent of the total adult women in Saudi Arabia. This means that nearly a third of the Kingdom's women are spinsters.

Selfie Craze Claims Three Lives

Nowadays youth have indulged in selfie craze even staking their lives in danger and and this craze took three lives in India. According to details three college friends from New Delhi, Muradabad and Faridabad attempted to click 'eye-catching pictures' to upload them on social networking sites and lost their lives when they were run over by speedy train. The accident happened on Monday on the railway track of Madhura, near Kosikala. The fourth friend Aneesh, who survived the accident told the police that they were on their way to Agra to see Taj Mahal on Republic Day and had stopped the car they were travelling in at the railway track to attempt "DareDevil Selfie". The police said the four friends wanted to take photos of themselves on the rail tracks as close to an oncoming train as possible Aneesh said he wanted to capture the dare. The three dear were identified as Iqbal, Yaqoob and Afzal.

Manything App Transforms Phone Into CCTV Camera

Manything app designed for Smartphone is significantly reducing fears of home security as the small app can turns IPhone, iPod or iPad into a wifi camera to monitor home, your pets and much more an individual wants to make secure from burglars. The free app's livestreams can transform old iOS 6 or later devices into CCTV camera or Wi-Fi cams that can record what is going in user's home. Manything users receive a notification with a live video feed if any movement detected in their home. No need to buy two iPhones for recording any action and other to monitor house online as the software is providing free and only one camera is used. The UK and US police find the app quite helpful to solve many cases by turning disused phones into DIY CCTV cams. Makers are making efforts for betterment in image pixels and to facilitate users to use a grid for selected areas which they want to be monitored specially. Manything achieved first goal by catching third criminal while robbing a flat in South England.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Calpol Medicine Declared Dangerous For Health

Calpol, a medicine used in most homes for comforting childhood aches, has been declared dangerous by health professionals due to its main ingredients- pain-killer medicine paracetamol which causes liver damage and even death ate a overdose. Calpol is used to treat childhood conditions such s fever, earache and teething trouble. Doctors have urged the company to make the medicine less appealing for children as an accidental overdose of paracetamol can cause liver damage and in rare cases prove fatal. Calpol is now available in strawberry taste and pink colouring which makes it more appealing to children. In the statistics of Health and Social Care Information Centre UK was revealed that at least 1,691 children ageing from one to four were admitted to hospitals in 2012-13 due to accidental poisoning by medicines including non prescription piankillers ibuprfen, paracetamol and aspirin.

Miss Columbia Crowned As Miss Universe 2014

Miss Columbia Paulina Vega was crowned as Miss Universe 2014, while Miss USA, Nia Sanchez was runner up. Beauties from USA, Ukraine, Netherlands, Jamaica and Columbia were among the five finalists selected in Miss Universe pageant in Florida.
Eight eight contestants showcased their beauty, confidence and glamour to succeed Miss Universe Gabraiela of Venezuela.
The final round of te competition was divided into two parts, and in the first round five top contestant answered quations given by the judges. The final question was from the Facebook user, :What is the greatest contribution of your country to the entire world."

Pakistan Censor Board Banned Indian Movie 'Baby'

The ban on Bollywood action film "Baby" by Pakistani censor board has shocked Indian film team. Indian producer Bhushan Kumar argues that this film which focuses on terrorism has been misunderstood. He said "I do not know why ban has been imposed, we are not talking about any country, we are talking about terrorism, we are trying to figure out what needs to be done to eliminate this curse". Actor Anupam Kher who plays an undercover agent in 'baby' said "there is no particular country that is to be blamed for terrorism, It is all over the world. It is about the situation which needs to be addressed." Pakistan's decision to ban the film is correct. Indian miss no chance to defame Pakistan. Whether they are politicians or drummers, or film producers.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Soha Ali Khan Married To Actor Kunal Khemu

Actress Soha Ali Khan, daughter of Nwab Mansoor Ali Khan Patudi tied knot with actor Kunal Khemu in a private ceremony on Sunday. The funtion took place in the presence of select family members, including her mother Sharmila Tagore, Brother Saif ali Khan and her sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor. The bride looked lovely in Lehenga-Choli. Saif's ex-wife Amrita Singh and their daughter Sara did not attend the ceremony, however their son Ibrahim stood by the side of his father. Soha's wedding festivities commenced on January 22, with an intimate bachelorette party thrown by her friends, including actress Neha Dhupia, and Konkana Sen Sharma.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Windows 10 Has Been Unveiled With New Looks and New Browsers

Microsoft has finally unveiled operating system Windows 10 with new looks and new browsers. As expected the company has replaced Internet Explorer with new browser Spartan which has some quite impressive features. It is specially designed for Windows 10 which is a cleaner browser with a lot of new features and integration with other Microsoft services. There is a 'note-taking mode' that lets you draw all over pages with stylus or add comments with a keyboard then save on OneNote. Windows 10 start menu also has a new look but it is very similar to the one debut in Window 8. If you have used the Windows phone then you must be familiar with Cortana, Microsoft's personal digital assistant, is coming to the PC. Long available on mobile, Cortana will now live to next to the start button on the task bar and serve as a natural-language interface for windows 10. It will answer typed or spoken queries, searching documents across local documents as well as ones stored on OneDrive. It will also propose web links or other suggestions- if you type Skype, for example, or link to the store if you have not installed already. Cortana will also integrate into Maps app, reminding you where you parked your car. Microsoft demonstrated its version for getting all its Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones to work together. First up was the unified office, the phone and tablet versions of which look very similar to the desktop one. Most of the same formatting options are there and the recent document list sync between devices, so you can collaborate on documents on the go. Microsoft ran a Powerpoint presentation from a phone and said you can print documents wirelessly from the mobile as well. One of the Windows Phone's fatal flaw, of course, was that it did not work well (or at all) with other major app like instagram or Gmail. But with a heavier focus on universal apps and an assurance that this is not just 'Windows Phone" but actual Windows, it is possible Microsoft will be in better shape this time around.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Hackers For Hire-Promise Money Back Guarantee Job

A new service is being offered where you can find professional hackers for hire. It is a money back guarantee that they do if failed. So next time you want hack into- be it your friend, colleague, or even the organisation you are working, all you need to do is swipe your card and provide the details about the person or the system that needs to be hacked into. Hourly rates range from $150 to upward and varies according to assigned task.
Users can even bid for projects which include iPhone hack for $ 300 to $500, Facebook for $ 100 and even a change in grades $50. The website provides detailed listing and user profiles of the featured hackers, describes their work, rates and the total they have earned so far. According to the website, one of the hackers Alyx has already earned $ 7,350 and received 42 bids during the last 30 days.
Employees can hire a hacker by simply registering for an account, fill out a basic job needs and post the requirements. The hackers from all over the world will post proposals, on how to best accomplish your job. You will have the option to choose the right hacker for you based on price, skills and availability.

Scientific Achievements By Muslim Scientists During 2014

It seems that 2014 was a fruitful year from scientific point of view for the Muslim scientists and Muslim countries. Our Holy Book the Qur'an encourages science and scientific knowledge and urges humans to reflect on the natural phenomenon as the signs of the Creator of the Universe. Muslims believe that research in a scientific way is an act of religious merit, even a collective duty of the Muslim community for the wellbeing of the humanity, since Allah designated human beings including Muslims as His Viceroy on earth. The following is the summary of some of the scientific achievements by Muslims during 2014. *-- Genetics:-
*-Scientists co-led by the Egyptian Geneticist Dr Sherif El- Khamisy at the centre of Genomics (CG) Zewail city of Science and Technology, Egypt, identified the first defect in a genetic pathway of the individuals who suffer impaired neural function.
*- A team of researchers led by the Iranian computational biologist, medical geneticist and evolutionary geneticist, Pardis Sebeti, trained the doctors from Muslim countries Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone to use a sequencing and diagnostic technology to to improve tracking Ebola virus' mutation.
*- Dr Teepu Siddique, a Pakistani neurologist succeeded with his team in discovering one of the causes of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
*- The Moroccan geneticist Dr Ismahane EloufI was named among the 20 Most Influential women in Science in the Islamic World under the Shapers category and the CEO Middle East Magazine has listed her among the 100 most Powerful Arabophone Women in the science category. *-- Medicine:-
*- A Kashmiri molecular neurotherapist and stem cells professor successfully discovered a brain cancer treatment. He achieved this via prompting stem cells to kill brain cancer.
*- Two Egyptian scientists created space-based crystals of two proteins of Hepatitis C virus. The crystals which were developed in space can help in innovating new drugs to fight the virus.
*- Scientists in the Muslim country of Bashkortostan are developing a technology to make monoclonal antibodies specific to fight Ebola virus. *-- Mathematics:-
*- An Iranian mathematician became the first ever woman winning the celebrated Fields Medal. In a landmarked hailed as "long overdue", Professor Maryam Mirzakhani was recognised for her work on complex geometry.
*- Kazakhstani Muslim Scientist proves the existence of a solution to Navier Stokes Equation which is deemed one of the hardest in the world.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bilawal Zardari Will Join PML(N)--Arbab Rahim

Pakistan Peoples Party's (PPP) annoyed chairperson Bilawal Zardari is eyeing to leave the party due to differences with other leaders and his father (Asif Ali Zardari). Former chief minister Sindh Arbab Ghulam Rahim has indicated that Bilawal will join PML(N) when he leaves the party. Earlier Sindh's famus political personality Pir Pagara had predicted that Bilawal will leave the party and will join PML(N). Arbab Rahim while talking to media said that Pir Pagara's prediction about Bilawal was very close to become reality. The people can foresee the future of PPP, if the chairperson of the party left it. PPP can no longer remain the party of Bhuttos but will become Zardaris party and will never be in a position to come in power. PML(N), of course, will get strength, politically. However, this step too can be dangerous for Bilawal, as the top most leadership will never tolerate this step.

The Lost Nuclear Warheads By Superpowers

The self-made guard father of the globe, Uncle Sam, would never see any other country except Israel to develop nuclear technology, especially the Islamic States. However, One of the Islamic state Pakistan was fortunate and lucky to be the 7th atomic power in the world and the first Islamic country. How much pressure was exerted on Pakistan not to blast the bomb experimentally, bundles of previliges were offered, but By the Grace of Allah Pakistan became the atomic Power. We utterly needed a deterrent because we have a cunning enemy adjescent to us. However, the USA closed its eyes when Pakistan was passing through the process of making atomic bomb, because it needed Pakistan's help against USSR (at that time). Now, when it does not need Pakistan, it makes uproar that Pakistan can not protect its nuclear assets and these can go in to the hands of Taliban. Whereas, Pakistan's nuclear assets are more in safer hands than those of USA's own. The USA itsef is so careless regarding its nuclear warheads that a kid would be more careful while handling his toys. The accidents involving American and Soviet ships, bombers and rockets have left at least 50 atomic warheads ad nine nuclear reactors scattered on the ocean floor since 1956, according to a comprehensive study of naval accidents. According to reports since 1950 more than three dozens such incidents have ocurred in which the USA< UK, France, China, Russia and Israel have lost atomic warheads, but such accidents are kept secret. Only those accidents are revealed that are impossible to hide. However, USA is better in this regard that it discloses the secrets after some time though there is a lot of mixture of lies in the revealed details. For example USA's hydrogen bomb sunk into Pacific Ocean as a result of an accident just 100 km of a coastal city of Japan but the USA said the accident ocurred 500 km away from the coast of Japan in open ocean. However, the live hydrogen bomb is still lying on the floor of the sea and could not be found despite many efforts. So, the study shows some 1,276 nuclear and non-nuclear accidents sine World War II involving world navies. Here are a few examples of the carelessness and mishandling of the nuclear warheads by the superpowers that consider themselves the most smart countries in this regard. *-- On February 03, 1950, an American B-36 Peacemaker plane carrying a MK4 atom bomb was flying from Elson Airforce base Alaska to Texas. Alaska is the coldest state of the USA. Ice started getting freezed on the carborator of the plane, pilot made three engine out of six off. Pilot also minimised the power of the remaining three engines due to which plane failed to maintain its flight in the coldest weather. The crew decided to leave the plane when flying over an island. the 12 members of the crew were rescued while 6 got drowned in ice and plane sank into the depth of the sea along with atom bomb that could not be found till today. *-- On April 11 1950, an American B-29 super fortress plane carrying an atom bomb destroyed just after taking off, near New Mexico. The 13 crew members died. Fortunately, the nuclear core of the bomb was not connected to four detonators, therefore despite blaze the bomb did not spread destruction. *-- On August 5, 1950, a plane was carrying atom bomb that had several faults in its engines. The plane crashed and got destroyed at Fairfield Sui Gas air base in which 19 people died including brigadier general Robert Trouse. The air base was afterwards name after his name . The bomb blased due to fire but fortunately it was not connected to to nuclear core. *-- November 10, 1950. As soon as a B-29 plane carrying atom bomb took off from Canadian base for the USA, it got fault in its engine. When the crew came to know they would not be able to crash landing they threw huge bomb in the river Laurance near Canadian province Cubec. This bomb blasted in the air and fortunately it was not having plutonium core installed, however, 45 kg used uranium spread under the surface of the river. *-- March 10, 1956. Material of two atom bombs packed in two cases was sent to an airbase by B-47 jet plane. It was a non-stop flight and was to be fueled in the air. it got fuel successfully one time from oil carrier in the air, but after that the plane disappeared and could not be found despite of utmost efforts. It is though that it dropped into Arabian sea along with nuclear material. There are many other instances in which superpowers like the USA and Russia lost nuclear warheads, live atom bombs through the sinking of submarines or bombers. These super powers blame other atomic powers specially Pakistan to be incapable of protecting its atomic assets, while there nothing happened like those of superpowers in this regard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Indian Novelist Sues Aamir Khan For Plagiarism of His Novel 'Farishta'

The record-smashing Bollywood film PK of Aamir Khan has landed in hot waters as Delhi High Court has issued a notice to its filmmakers in a suit filed by a novelist regading plagiarism. According the reports Indian author Kapil Isapuri has alleged that the director had plagiarised different scenes from his Hindi novel 'Farishta' and filed a damages suit against the film. Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chpra the film questions the core beliefs of different religions, a theme which raised hue and cry post-release. Court had rejected a plea regarding a ban on the film. The novelist has alleged that they had stolen the characters, expression of ideas, scenes (sequences) from the novel and has demanded Indian Rs one crore (ten million) as castigatory charges..

Misbah Has Got Hamstring Injury, May Miss World Cup

As the World Cup is less than one month away, disturbing news are coming about the fitness of skipper Misbah Ul Haq. The sources said the Pakistan Cricket Boards(PCB) has empowered tour selection committee to replace Misbah in the series against New Zealand and in the World Cup 2015, if he remains unable to recover from the hamstring injury. Other player is yet to decided. Misbah, who is a super fit player of the team usually surprises selectors with his amazing fitness, has got hamstring injury making it difficult to play cricket. A senior official of the PCB said committee comprising of the Captain, head coach Waqar Younis, and chief selector Moin Khan has been given big powers and would discuss vital issues. Manager though part of the committee will not interfere in selection of the players. Pakistan's team manager Naved Akram Cheema will be head of te team during the event but he has nothing to do with the selection. The official said regarding the captaincy there are various options. The issue was also raised before Waqar, Moin and Misbah. He said no vice captain has been appointed yet as it creates difficulty for the team. He said aside the reports that Misbah had not recovered at all. The captain is recovering and he should be fit before the start of the match.

Tyga Banging Kylie Jenner Under Kris' Roof

If someone somehow thinks Kris Jenner is characterises as money -grabbing she-beast who does not care what her daughters do as long as they keep earning.. then you may get calm. Most of the people are aware by now Kris' daughter Kylie Jenner is dating a Tyga. Both parties have denied the relationship, because she is 17 and he is 25, and tat is is gross, not to mention illegal in California state. In the past Kris had allowed Kylie and Tyga to travel to Europe together to take advantage of the continent's rich culture and bang each other in the countries where it is legal. Now, she is just saying to hell with the law and letting the statutory go down right under her roof. "There are many nights that Tyga just crashes at Kylie's house. A source told Radar Online "Kris is very liberal with the rules with Kylie and allows her to throw parties all the time at mansion." Kylie's dad Bruce does not like Tyga spending nights at the house, but he is really powerless to do anything. Kris and Bruce have fought about it, and he accused her of being first friend to Kylie and not acting like a mother." Yes this is not the first time Bruce is trying to protect Kylie from older men and Kris' shoddy parenting.