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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some GIFs From The 2015 Golden Globe Awards

The 2015 Golden Globe awards, which aired Sunday on NBC, had it all, from the emotional and touching moments from the inappropriate to hilarious ones. Here are some of the GIFs that perfectly some up the night. There was a Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb of Meryl Streep and Margret Cho and Emma Stone react in Emma Stone fashion to being a punchline. Prince was also there, awesomely and randomly. Accepting a lifetime achievement award, Cooloney gushed about wife Amal Alamuddin and paid tribute to his colleagues and those marching in Paris.
*-- Matthew and Camilla strike a pose here at 2015 Golden Globe Awards. However, someone needs to tell the actor to shave, at least on special occasion..
*-- Reese Witherspoon looks stunning on the red carpet of 2015 Golden Globe Awards. She did not go home with any award.
*-- Does it get any cooler than Emma Stone? Her pose at Golden Globe.
*-- Catherine Zeta Jones is ravishing in red at Golden Globe.

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