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Monday, January 5, 2015

Mystery Of Leakage Of Imran Khan's Marriage To Media Solved

The mystery as to who is behind the streams of news published in local as well as international media regarding Teheer e Insaaf chairman Imran Khan's marriage with TV anchorperson Reham Khan is seemed to have been revealed. Sources privy to the development claimed that it was no other than Reham Khan herself who reportedly broke te story to the media ( therefore western media have been writing Reham Khan as Ms Khan). They claimed that Reham Khan first leaked the news to British media as she had contacts in UK media. Sources further claim that she was uneasy as Imran Khan was making his marriage with her public (She might be pregnant as she was so uneasy). Always pleased to see her ex-husband Imran Khan, the heiress Jemima Goldsmith was particularly keen to speak to celebrated to former cricketer turned politician. Imran Khan flew to London on Sunday to tell ex wife Jemima and his sons about his new love in life, Reham Khan. Last week it was said that Imran Khan had secretly wed Reham Khan, the former BBC TV weather girl, 20-years junior to her, in Lahore. Whereas, Mufti Saeed has claimed to administering Nikah of Imran Khan with Reham Khan during sit-in protest of PTI.
To a question Imran Khan had said that he expressed his wish in public that he will remarry but second marriage is cnsidered to be too serious as children are involved.

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