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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Asif Ali Zardari Got Married

Co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Asif Ali Zardari has tied the knot with a Pakistani lady residing in United Arab Emirates. It was revealed by ARY news editor investigation in a Tweet on social media site. The journalist said a widow from Lahore played a vital role in marriage of Zardari He also claimed that rift between Zardari and Bilawal is over new born baby given birth by Zardari's newlywed wife. The former president neither rejected nor confirmed the news of his second marriage. It is like Imran Khan did then confessed later. But Zardai's wedding might have been year or more ago because he got a baby from new wife. The difference between Bilawal and Zardari are related to Bilawal's new born brother. He does not like to share 'his' with anybody else like the princes and kings did in the past. Now, it will be seen when Zardari announces his new marriage.

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