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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ISIS Hacked US Central Command

US Central Command Twitter account (@centcom) was apparently hacked by supporters of Islamic State as Pro-ISIS message were seen on the profle. However, Twitter administration has suspended the account. ISIS supporters calling it "Cyber Jihad" by Cyber Caliphate wrote pro-Islamic messages. Moreover, US Centcom's You Tube page was also hacked. The first message was posted saying," American Soldiers, We Are Coming, Watch Your Back.ISIS. and the hashtag '#CyberCaliphate'. Profile photo was the poster which included the text," I love you ISIS", while ET profile and banner images were reverted to default view.
According to CNBC, later messages included images of what were apparently spreadsheets labeled as containing the contact information and home addresses of retired US army generals. Other tweets claimed to include military plans from PENTAGON networks. One such image showed a map of China with labels of different military assets. Another message read "ISIS is already here,We are in your PC's, in each military base."

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