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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Taylor Chandler Has Singed On For A Major Career Change

Michael Phelp's self-proclaimed ex-girlfriend, Taylor Chandler, has, after a great deal of deliberation and reflection, signed on for a major career change. Taylor is actually doing porn and has just filmed her debut with Vivid. Taylor Chandler claims that she had relationship with Phelp this summer, after meeting him on hookup app Tinder. She also says she is 'intersex' which means she was born both with penis and uterus (she since has penis removed and is ALL woman now). Taylor apparently agreed to the offer she was previously mulling from Vivid. the company behind the Kim Kardashian sex tape. CEO of the company said that Chandler will be raking in six figure for an original porn production entitles (Wait for it) "Going for the Gold".
Featuring a Michael Phelp's look-alike for good measures. Set for release next week, (they do not need a lot post-production) "This is the most unique footage Vivid has ever released" CEO said proudly.
'The sky is the limit on the movie'. It is guessed that the real Michael Pheps and his girlfriend Ms California Nicole Johnson may fetch a lot more on this market.

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