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Monday, January 12, 2015

CEO Facebook Apologizes To Hamza Ali For Blocking His Account

CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has said that removal of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi's status regarding attack on Charlie Hebdo may have been a mistake. When asked what he has to say about deletion of Hamza's post, Zuckerberg said," i do not think it should have been blocked, out team might have made a mistake." Osofsky, later commented on the thread and apologised, "As Mark mentioned we made a mistake in taking this down, we try our best but some times make mistakes. We apologise for the error and hope the author will re-post it as we are not able to restore it from this end. Thanks for bringing it to our notice." Pakistani actor Hamza said that Facebook authorities had deactivated his profile and and removed his status as he had condemned the killings at Parisian office of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Hamza sent a screenshot of the deleted post on Sunday alongwith Facebook notification that said they had removed it since it violated the social networking website's community standards. The actor who is vocal on social media about his views on social issues, culture, and religion had condemned the killings at Paris' Charlie Hebdo office last week had said," Even my blood boils when someone insults my Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) but that does not gives right to individuals to kill. " In the status on his verified Facebook account- which ha 1.6 million followers- he said while freedom of expression should include criticism, disagreement or even rejection of faith or ideology but should not must not allow 'insult'. Hamza said the West needs to revisit the definition of "Freedom of Speech", otherwise someone from the Muslim population 'will go ballistic and will kill unjustly' Would it be a 'freedom of expression if I brand black people as nigger or if I say Hitler was a 'masiha', he aded.

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