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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Selfies Are Sinful In Islam---Indonesian Cleric

an Indonesian Muslim cleric posted a tweet in which he declared selfies sinful under Islamic law. He posted a series of Tweets in which he explained why it is sinful under Islamic law. Siauw wrote in these days many Muslim women take selfies without shame. There are usually nine frames in one photo with facial poses that are just where is the purity in women? Siauw also said " because selfie-takers are desperate for social media views, they were being ostentatious. And because taking a selfie makes people feel 'cooler' we have fallen in to the worst sin of all-arrogance". Following his Twitter posts there was a huge backlash against his messages by the Indonesians. Hundreds have posted elfies on social media using hashtag # Selfie4Siauw.

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