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Friday, January 16, 2015

Social Media May Face Crackdown In US And UK

WhatsApp, Snapchat and other social networking services majority of which is based on on encrypted communication are likely to face ban in the United States and United Kingdom following the meeting between US president Barack Obama and UK premier David Cameron. David Cameron will urge Barack Obama tomorrow to force US-based web giants to do more to tackle . Stern action is suggested by the British leader," to require the companies to alert the authorities to suspicious online exchanges, ban encrypted communication and store data." Most of the leaders think these platforms have been becoming safe heavens for millitants and terrorists. David Cameron during his US visit starting tomorrow will seek the support for crackdown on terrorists using social networking sites and other websites to communicate and foment hatred. British security forces say "they often have considerable difficulty in accessing online communication on sites belonging to US internet companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, Google and Twitter. Some of them say they can not cooperate because they need to protect users' privacy."

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