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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Financial Resources Of Pakistani Taliban

A few years ago in Dera Ismail Khan (KPK), local police station was informed that dacoits had fled after looting millions of rupees from a bank. The police was smart enough to catch those fleeing on a bridge and after counter firing all the four daciots were killed and looted money was recovered. It was revealed that the killed persons were the members of a defunct TTP. Its group named " Black Night" was involved in the attack. After a few days the suicidal bombers husband and wife entered in the same police station and detonated themselves in the police station, killing nine officials. This incident indicates that Taliban had entered into the world of crimes to purchase arms and to continue their activities. Then how do they claim that they will implement Sharia if come into power?. It is right that in our country the justice system is weaker, there is no rule of law, and only poor are gripped into claws of law. It is correct too that 'jihad' can be done against injustice and brutalities, but it has some limitations too. Is there any example during he era of our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or Caliphate reign that Islamic army entered into mosques, churches or targeted unarmed civilians, children or women or killed non-Muslims.? Today, extortion, trading in drugs, kidnapping for ransom, selling of forest trees and woods, looting and thefts are the major sources of their income. According to intelligece sources before the commencement of 'Zarb e Hazb' in June 2014, in North Waziristan TTP had set up a complete network of earning income through crime in whole of the country. This network included their secret supporters, criminals and Pakistani Taliban were included. Afghanistan is the main centre of opium cultivation and production of heroine, in the world. The Afghan Taliban (Real) could really be credited that they had eliminated the production of opium, during their era. But now thousands of Afghanis have made the cultivation opium as their basic source of income. Opium and heroine is smuggled to foreign countries via Central Asia, Iran and Pakistan. The traders involved in drugs give fixed extortion money to the Taliban of each area to protect their material and sent safely to destination without any hindrance. According to a report only Pakistani Taliban earn Rs 10-20 billion from extortion money from traders. Pakistan is trying to stop the drug business through its borders because because 10 % of the heroine is used in Pakistan that is making Pakistani youth addict to it. Pakistani Taliban also get money from smuggling tobacco, cars, arms and garments. Actually local smugglers also smuggle different items worth billion of rupees and give extortion money to Pakistani Taliban for the safe passage of their smuggled goods and to run their business smoothly. Taliban get 20 % of their income in the shape of this money. Similarly, when Taliban firmed their steps in KPK, they asked Sikh businessmen to give Rs 10 million annually (As Jazya- the money collected from minorities during Caliphate in Islamic state) otherwise their lives will be unsafe. In the cities they demanded extortion from industrialists, landlords and other rich persons. When Taliban controlled a wide area in Waziristan, they destroyed the forests and sold timber on cheaper rates and deprived the whole area of the trees. Several Pakistani circle consider India responsible for destabilising Pakistan by providing financial assistance to Pakistani Taliban, especially in Balochistan.

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