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Saturday, January 17, 2015

This Is Pakistan--- No Gas, No Petrol And No Electricity, Still Pakistanis Are alive

Some people recall the previous eras of rulers of Pakistan, at least in past regimes non availability of petrol or gas never occurred. What those people will say who voted for the incumbent government. If now martial law is imposed, every shortage of these necessities will disappear. But what a sole military can do, It is engaged in Zarb e Hazb, it is engaged in securing the nation from internal and external threats. All the petrol stations as well as gas stations are owned by the people sitting around the rulers.. Does the rulers have right to rule. Rightly says Imran Khan, shortage is because he ended sit-ins. The miles long quaes on petrol pumps is self explainatery. Can the people in other countries believe that Pakistanis are alive.

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